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Shirt, Handbag & skit= H&M/ Flats= Topshop/ Watch= Target

I know this outfit is not post worthy,but hey I'm posting it anyway. I will not be one those bloggers who only post outfits when wearing expensive clothes (believe me I am not hating).This skirt is actually the cheapest thing I think I've ever purchased from 
H&M,was only $5(I think it looks more expensive than it is).

The weather was so beautiful yesterday that I could afford to bare legs;so I just picked up this black shirt and striped skirt and off to run errands.

What do you wear to run errands?


Everything Fashion said...

I love your outfit! The yellow and black is stunning

Rose said...

Thank you Kelsey

Vale ♥ said...

I think you look so pretty and chic and a good thing about blogging is also the ability that some have to make a cheap skirt look like luxury clothing ! I also like to mix and match things with different price !
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Rose said...

Thank u Vale. Good point its nice to mix things with different prices. I will it check it out.


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