Friday, February 24, 2012

Outfit | Matching

Button Down:H&M/Jeans:F21/Suede Booties & Watch:Target

Wearing my favorite set of rings from H&M/Sunnies:Nine West
I woke up,got dressed until I got outside just to find out that we had spring weather. I was upset that I didn't check the weather before I got dressed,but oh well! I've wearing the life out of these suede booties which I have forgotten about.I was cleaning my closet when I spotted them and immediately put them out where my eyes can see them.I like the way I feel when I have them on(a bit rocker-chick),especially when worn with a black t-shirt,faux-leather trousers and jacket. That day,I opted for a button down in the same color range as the suede booties(always matching-I do it unconsciously,so forgive me).

                   Happy Friday lovelies!


Thank you for reading  ❤!


Sia said...

Cool! I love the glasses.

Rose said...

Thanks sweetie:)

Barbara said...

Hey Chikka what happen with one of the pics it cut off your head. But I love them anyway.

Rose said...

Thank you Barbie:). I edited my head out because I always have the weirdest expression on my face. Lol