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Camel Trousers

One of my favorite work looks.I wore this ensemble last week
Thursday.If you have been my following my blog within the past year,you'd know that camel is one my fav colors due to its versatility. 

I love these Zara camel Sash belt trousers with bow. The bow detail is uber chic and make them stand out.

Zara camel Sash belt trousers with bow,navy blue blazer,navy blue hat
Pictures: Msnerdychica

Since Camel goes with everything,chances are you'll be seeing these trousers a lot more.

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babycakesbriauna said...

I"m completely in love with this look. It has a playful summer feel, but with a change of shoes it can be worn year round. I will definitely be recreating this!

ItzaBri | babycakesriauna.blogspot.com

Rose Lazard said...

Thank you so much Bri ;)


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