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Shade Of Pink

Coat & Tulle dress: H&M /Pumps:Target /Fuchsia enveloppe clutch: ASOS

As you can probably tell I am loving pink lately, I'm weird like that when I shop sometimes I gravitate towards the same color . I am not a pink girl at all, growing up I was always different (still am) I usually like the opposite of what everyone else is after.  Furthermore; I was not the kid who had pink room or played with dolls, I would rather be outside playing soccer & cards the boys; I guess I'm allowed to say that I was a tomboy.

       Simultaneously, I was very into clothes but could not really get the type of clothes I pictured in my head as a kid; so I used to try making my own back then(when mom is out).Nevertheless now, I am trying to experiment with pink lately when it comes to clothes,accessories & shoes ; it still isn't  my fav color(can be too girlie most of the time).
                           xoxo, Rose

AJ TAYLOR said...

Pink suits you, You look very gorgeous and feminine, its hard to imagine you were once a tomboy

Rose said...

Thank you so much AJ! love ur blog

LBVieVintage said...

You love it because it looks SOOO beautiful on you!!

Rose said...

Thank you Ashley:) I like ur style. Im so into vintage lately but cannot find anything exciting by me.

Cylia said...

liking the colour pink!

Rose said...

Thank you Cylia,checked out ur blog and really like ur style

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