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Bright Idea

Red Jeans &Watch:Target/Top:Zara/Accessories:H&M/Heels:Victoria Secret

With this springter season(combo of winter & spring),what better way to show my appreciation to mother nature for a beautiful day!Well,wearing bright hues will do.Brights like yellow and red radiate joy and also a good way to let your vibrant personality shines through.As seen above,there's no accidental pairing going on.I picked out the red jeans to match the red in the floral top.I plan on wearing that same top with a green pair of skinnies(same shade from the top)in the near future.

That's probably going to be my last post before I head to Florida in a couple days.Now off to pack which I so dislike doing,and I  suck at it. In the past when I go anywhere,I always pack random things without putting outfits together ahead of time.I am usually disappointed when getting to my destination and realizing that nothing makes sense(story of my life).This time around,I will try doing  the opposite by figuring out what I'll be wearing before I pack.It's very inconvenient due to I dress depending on how I am feeling,but oh well I can't take everything with me!
If you guys have any tips on how to be better at packing,please let me know.I could really use some help.Thanks:)


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