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Little White Dress(LWD)

H&M White dress & tropical print wedges\\Zara shopper basket& beetles necklace\\F21 coral blazer\\Mac's Ruby woo lips

Hello everyone,hope  you are enjoying this lovely Wednesday! I actually didn't sleep all night(addicted to youtube),& around 5am I got the idea of driving to Hudson River and capture the sunrise which I did(pretty stoked about it).Then, I went back home and slept for a few hours just to be woken up by my phone ringing(need to turn that thing off before I sleep)
Once I was up,got dressed and went to pick up my illustration for the blog header(Thanks Meg).I can't wait to put it up and show u guys the new look.
I went thrift shopping afterwards,& same thing happened as last time got there 15mns before they close(when am I ever going to learn?lol).I only picked up a cameo brooch and a pair of jeans for some DIY shorts.I am going to attempt to make flag denim shorts for 4th of July.Have you guys figured out yet what to wear,& what you'll be doing? Let me know...
So yeah,this is what I wore today,just a plain white dress paired with these tropical print wedges both from H&M.Making yet another appearance are the lovely Zara shopper basket & this coral blazer from this recent post.

                Have a chic day!

Thank you for reading❤!
Unknown said...

Been checking out ur blog for a while. Had to join tonight just to tell u I LOVE UR TWA!!!I big chopped 4 wks ago and have been looking for natural fashionista sporting a twa for inspiration. Then a couple nights ago THERE YOU WERE! Au naturale! THANK YOU! U LOOK AWESOME!

louis philippe De Gagoue said...

I adore this outfit

Anonymous said...

cute outfit! I love your shoes especially!

Sia said...

I can't wait to see your new header. Love the dress and wedges x

Dadouchic said...

Thank you so much Rhonda-That means a lot to me,you made my day.Thumps up for doing the BC,Im sure u rockin it au naturale!

@Louis-Merci bcp mon cher:)

@Rachel-Thanks hun:)

@Sia-Thanks sweetie,can't wait:)

Afro Funk said...

Wow!! Love the new hair, very funky! This outfit is sooo CUTE too:)

Alex said...

Nice post which the only picked up a cameo brooch and a pair of jeans for some DIY shorts.To attempt to make flag denim shorts for 4th of July.Thanks a lot for posting.

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