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Skulls With Emotions

H&m bird necklace
Zara skull white t-shirt\\H&M pink pleated skirt& ring\\Steve Madden black dynemite\\Target gold watch 

Happy Friday everyone!Here's what I wore yesterday to run errands.I think I might have mentioned before how obsessed I am with skull on anything trend.When I was browsing Zara's website(always a bad decision for you pocket)and saw this sleeveless skull white t-shirt,I just had to have it.There's nothing cooler than skulls with emotions(face-palm,frustrated or furious,& surprised on the back).That's what I can pick up from those faces,lol.
I paired this causal white skull t-shirt(if u like mine,here's a cool one here) with a pink mini pleated skirt(you'll like this one),& added these not so causal 5.5 inch dynemite Steve Madden heels(currently on sale).I went a little dark with my lips(Mac's Rebel)since it was cloudy outside.

                Have a great weekend!

P.S. Don't mind my writing,Im no writer.I come on here & write as if I'm having a conversation with you guys,well because I am in mind.

Thank you for reading❤ !
Neche said...

That shirt is epic, you paired it perfectly. You keep getting better and better.

Please follow me back at Thanks Rose,it would really mean a lot to me as a beginner. :)

Sia said...

I think your new hair has really influenced a more edgier style. I love this look XOXO

Fashion With Ellie said...

Such a great outfit:) love the skull tee!!!!


Dadouchic said...

Thank you Neche:)

Thanks Sia-Yes this haircut has def influenced my style

@Ellie-Thanks so much hun:)

Freda said...

totally adore the new hair cut!..
and you've got great style..x

Dadouchic said...

Thank you Freda:)

addicted2Etsy said...

you make me want to cut my hair....right now.

Dadouchic said...

Aww,and you make me wanna bro mine,lol you hair is so fab,cant wait for mine to look like yours:)

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