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Girly Sunday

Happy new month everyone!Here's a quick outfit post I wore two sundays ago.I was feeling girly a bit,so I wore this yellow flower crown I made.Sometimes I think I look ridiculous wearing a flower crown,but who cares!Everywhere I go,someone always yell aloha!I don't know since when wearing a flower crown make you look like you went to Hawaii,I'll take that.It could be worse,right?
    Anything you think you look ridiculous in,but wear anyway?

Thank you for reading
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Unknown said...

Such a tropical, heavenly color combo! Your wedges ground the look so beautifully. Was it your jumping off point for the outfit?

I wore a turban to the mall once... People stared. My godmother asked me why I was wearing my headband like that. Lol.

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kiseynaya said...

Very nice look!
But I'd like the top to be fully tucked in... :)

Dadouchic said...

thank you Nathy,haha same wore a turban today too.No the wedges were last minute decision,not the shoes I had planned.

@kiseynaya~I=Thank you,I did,but the skit is really see-through and the shirk all tucked in look really weird ;)

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