Photo Diary | Philadelphia

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love wall paintings

Narrow Street(have a European feel to it)

Random Building

My Friends Taking Pics

Restaurant where we had dinner

Restaurant's Bathroom(thought it was random with JJ poster)

Random street

The Bday Girl Fafo and I.

I have been wanting to go to Philly for some Philly cheesesteak forever(I watch way too much food network).I am a big fan of tripleD(Diners,Drive-ins & Dives with Guy Fieri),and my plan is  to visit at least 2 places from the show when I visit a State.When I watch the food network channel is like going to class,I am always making notes on my phone for places to eat.If you are a foodie,you are probably guilty of this as well. My friend Rosie(twin sis)and I are planning on visiting a city, or town from a diff State once a month(hopefully we can do all of them by the end of the year).

Last Saturday,Philadelphia was the destination for some Philly cheesesteak,but unfortunately we got there so late,we didn't have time to do that.On Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Robert Irvine finds it impossible to resist the succulent Fried Chicken at Ms. Tootsie's Restaurant Bar and lounge,so there we were. To tell you the truth,I don't like fried chicken,but since I trust Robert Irvine's opinion and decided to give it a try.The food was amazing,and probably the best cornbread I have had yet.I will be doing Philly again soon when I get back from my Florida trip which is in 10days.I promise I'll take better pics next time,still learning how to use my new camera,and it was so windy that day(did not even get pic of my outfit).

On another note,my friend Fagnola's birthday was that same Saturday,had to go to her bday dinner looking like that(last pic).I did not get a chance to go home and change due to getting lost a few times on our way back to NY,Lol.

                 Happy Wednesday all!


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Outfit | Siren

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Watch:Target/Cross Necklace:ASOS/Sunnies:Oscar By Oscar De La Renta

Siren is the color of the Revlon nail polish I have on in this post which is almost the same color as the skirt,but slightly lighter. I almost made the same mistake as in the previous post,not dressing for the weather. It was so beautiful outside and perfect for wearing this skirt. This skirt is my absolute favorite,the light fabric,the color, and the barely there pleats.I am just sad though that I got it in the medium,It's loose but thank God for the belt for making it wearable. On another note,oranges,corals are becoming my colors of choice for spring. Everything I picked up within the last few weeks are of orange hues.

             Any color you guys are obsessed with lately?


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Outfit | Matching

Friday, February 24, 2012

Button Down:H&M/Jeans:F21/Suede Booties & Watch:Target

Wearing my favorite set of rings from H&M/Sunnies:Nine West
I woke up,got dressed until I got outside just to find out that we had spring weather. I was upset that I didn't check the weather before I got dressed,but oh well! I've wearing the life out of these suede booties which I have forgotten about.I was cleaning my closet when I spotted them and immediately put them out where my eyes can see them.I like the way I feel when I have them on(a bit rocker-chick),especially when worn with a black t-shirt,faux-leather trousers and jacket. That day,I opted for a button down in the same color range as the suede booties(always matching-I do it unconsciously,so forgive me).

                   Happy Friday lovelies!


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Outfit | The Woman In Black

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dress:F21/Wedges:H&M/Coat:Victoria Secret

The woman in black!No,I did not see the movie because I can't watch horror movies.If I do,I'll spend all night thinking about it and have nightmares. Do you have one of those days when you feeling dark,I had one of those and wore all black to match my mood.Mood dressing is so much fun,especially when you sit back later on and look at the pics and think about how you felt at that moment.

               Hope everyone is enjoying their week!


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Outfit | Testing

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sweater:Urban Outfitters/Jeans:F21/Flats:Zara/Necklace:H&M

Testing my new camera(Canon EOS Rebel T2i).I am amazed at the quality of the pics taken with this baby,plus I no longer have to bribe my photographer(*^0^*).

That's what I wore on Sunday for brunch,a simple black sweater with light blue jeans.I was not on the mood to dress up due to a killer headache(had too much to drink the night before).I grabbed this black sweater since it was conveniently located.I was hunting for one for a longtime,and I finally found it.I do not really own winter clothing,my mom can testify to this.She often gives me the worried look(shaking her head)when my legs are bare which is 70% of the winter months along with me wearing light fabric clothing.I used to believe that's what coats are for up until recently. I am into sweaters a lot lately,they are so warm,easy to style,as well as the excuse of wearing no coat with this mild winter we are having.Speaking of coat,February is almost over and I have yet to buy a coat and boots for this winter.I already started my shopping for spring though,getting excited!

            Anyone started shopping for spring yet?


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Outfit | The Gray Area

Monday, February 20, 2012

Leggings,Clutch &,Sweater:F21/Heels:Steve Madden

My take on dressing up a pair of simple black leggings. I paired them with this gray sweater I've had for years,an orange clutch and my favorite heels. I am not a big fan of leggings except for the faux-leather ones which I am obsessed with.I do have a few regular pairs for the days where I feel as if I don't  have anything to wear(I know you judging).Frankly, I don't know any girl who doesn't suffer from this condition!

                   Have a good week everyone!


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Outfit | Casual Thursday

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts guys, I've been a little busy and the weather not so good for the past couple days. I prefer shooting when the sun is out,but no luck so far. These pics were taken last Thursday running errands.That was my causal Thursday outfit;a pair of shorts and a white T-shirt. I added this blazer/coat to diffuse the casualness a little bit(you don't want to be too casual).The blazer instantly changed the whole outfit from plain to chic.Whenever I am sporting something  plain and boring, this blazer is the item I grab for a touch of chicness.I know I am late(better late then never right),hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day! 

         What's your item of choice in this situation? 


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Featured Again-Thank You Fabsugar

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thanks to Fabsugar once again for featuring another one of my looks. They do such a great job at describing the outfit,I am very flattered. You guys can check it out here and a big Thank you for reading.

Outfit | Rebel

Friday, February 10, 2012

Earrings:ASOS/Gold Clutch:Zara

Blouse:F21/Faux-leaher leggings:H&M/Stilettos:Victoria Secret

The title of this post has nothing to do with the outfit but what's on my lips,Lol. If you are a beauty junkie and obsessed with buying lipstick as I am,you probably already own rebel lipstick by Mac.The color is so gorgeous and flatter every skin tone.Rebel is a must-have,hands down.It is hard to describe the color,it all depends on your skin tone.I think it looks like a deep purple on me,do correct me if I am wrong.What I like about rebel is that it doesn't dry out ,goes on smoothly,and it lasts all day.I was wearing just black and white which can boring at times,so I went for a bold lip and my favorite gold clutch from Zara to match the gold accents on my white ankle-strap sandals.
If you don't already have rebel,do check it out and let me know what you think?


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