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Sky Blue

Sky blue is rapidly becoming my pastel color this summer.I love a good white and black look,but sometimes it's good to show a softer side in cotton candy colors.

I hate being labeled as a "girly girl" nothing wrong that, but it's not me. Maybe it's the term's association with the color pink.I'm just a girl who loves to dress nicely,that's all. I've shied away from pinks (well I hate the color pink in general,& guess what! My name in French means the color pink.

Urban Outfitters: Kimchi Blue Medallion Fit Flare Dress(blue)

          A fan of pastel colors?

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MsNerdyChica Smiles said...

Hey Rose stop trying to run away from la couleur Rose, you are Rose. Lmao. Lovely look!!!

Rose said...

LMAO bruh!


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