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Corniglia is the third of the five hamlets found in Cinque Terre.To be quite honest,we did not plan of going to Corniglia at all. When we passed it,it did not look like it was worth visiting,but it ended up being my 2nd favorite of the villages with the most beautiful sea view.Corniglia is a little gem.To reach Corniglia, you need to climb the Lardarina, a long flight of steps made from brick which is composed of 33 flights of stairs, with nearly 400 steps. It's a bit of a work out but I promise you with each step,the views get better.There you will  eat the best gelato ever at Alberto...

If you want to take the most amazing photos,head to the marina(next post) by taking the another set of stairs(look for the signs)

View of Manarola from Corniglia

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