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Vegan Pesto Recipe

I am obsessed with pesto. It's definitely my favorite sauce for pasta,but not limited. I use it on everything. I fell in love with pesto during my trip to Italy last year where I spent some time in Cinque Terre-Liguria. Pesto all genovese, one of the most famous foods to come out of Liguria.

If you want the cheesy taste you can add nutritional yeast,but I like mine without it. I like to taste the pure basil,garlic,pine nuts and olive oil. Enjoy!     
Homemade Ligurian Pesto 
·  2 cups basil leaves
·  1/4 cup pine nuts 
·  2 garlic cloves, chopped
·  1/2 cup olive oil
· Salt to taste

Step 1: Making the Pesto: Place basil, pine nuts, garlic in blender or food processor or mortar and blend. Slowly add the oil in and continue to blend.

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