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Gucci Princetown Leather Horsebit Mule Slipper | Reveal

Gucci Princetown Leather Horsebit Mule Slipper

I caved in and got myself a pair of the so popular Gucci Princetown Leather Horsebit Mule Slipper. I hated them last spring when they were all over Instagram. Over the summer, I've seen them on so many women and I fell in love. I kind of forgotten about them but these past few days, they kept showing up every time I would open Instagram. I think it was a sign that I had to get them. They are here and oh they are so perfect! Never thought I'd be having 3 Gucci pieces within a month....

Although my birthday is not until April, I am using the early birthday present excuse for these.

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Xoxo, Rose


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