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Photo Diary | Labor Day Weekend

Looking at NYC   
                                             Love the sun's reflection on the building
                                            We had #3 for sweet and # 9 for savory
                   Having crepes at "vive la crepe" on Bleecker Street
         City view from Williamsburg Bridge
 Random building
 Love the bridge reflection in the building & don't honk lol
 Rosie,myself,& Kenya being goofballs trying to jump at the right time
 Lunch with Kenya & Rosie(I am obsessed with cappuccinos)
 Kenya had Shakshooka
 Best Pancakes in Rockland County(always order the same thing)
 Creme Brûlée
 The art Cafe in Nyack
 Brunch with Ashley yesterday"Happy birthday lovely"
 Salmon & rice
 Cant never get enough of eating strawberries & cantaloupe
Fountain at Lafontana Restaurant in Nyack.Made me feel like I was in Italy

Happy Labor Day lovelies! What did you guys do for the weekend? I spent the weekend with some of my girlfriends,eating,eating,and partying. As you can tell by the pictures,we love to eat! Sometimes it's fun being a tourist in your own state,it never gets old especially if you live in NY.

         Have a good week guys!

Thank you for reading❤!

~Jeimy~ said...

awesome post I lived in nyc for 19years that will forever be my city gorgeous pictures!

Dadouchic said...

thank you Jeimy:) once you live here,it stays with you 4ever,I hope my pics brought out good memories

Paulina Mo, said...

great pictures Rose!! the food looks delicious!

Dadouchic said...

thank you Pau:)




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