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Sheinside white lace dress//BCBG darron pumps white//F21 cloe bag
Sheinside white lace dress//Michael Kors gold watch

I am officially a photographer.Graduated couple sunday's ago andit feels good.I did not want to be one the photographer who fell into in,not there is anything wrong with that.I feel as if a lot of us arent taking serioulsy since everyone owns digital camera nowdays and label themselves as photographer(not hating).Since I can remember I wanted to be a painter but I know that I suck at painting.It was not until I started my blog,few years ago and my english teacher Mrs Massa hired me as a photographer for her vintage shop where I had to photographs the items to be listed online.Then I realized That's the closted thing to being a painter,photography(painting with light).I decided to go back to school and here I am.I'm not going to say that going to school make you a better photographer(well it can),you have to have the eye.But I know for myslef that I want to be taken seriously when I do in fact decided to do it as a mean of living and going to school will help with the process.

On to the look,since I always feel so elegant in lace,I wore this lace dress for my graduation.

I better get going now.Just arrived in Rome today.I need some sleep to get ready for exploration tomorrow.

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