By Rose



Miami Beach

A lot of thinking went into this post and it's not even an outfit.I guess that's what make it so difficult to decide whether or not I should have an actual post of me in a bikini.I'm not ashamed of my body at all,I've grown to take me as I am. Maybe it's because of my conservative nature due to by very religious upbringing,but today you guys get to see how I look in a bikini.

A lot of girls would love to have big boobs naturally,and many even go under the knife to get them.Having big boobs can be a blessing sometimes(at the club,free drinks etc or it can be a curse. I've always been petite with massive boobs(32H) and they've made my life a living hell sometimes,back pain,finding swimsuit that fits,bras,the right top,dress you name it.I always had to wear a t-shirt at the beach because no swim tops would hold them.This is the 1st time in 15years,I finally found my size in a bikini and thank God for ASOS.Now I can finally look cute in a 2 piece,time to work on that belly though and do some squats in the process.

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