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Is Paris Overrated?

Paris for most is all shiny, minty and romantic. Paris was exactly what I expected. It's one of the places that was not really on my list to visit to be honest. It was always, If I am nearby I'll stop
by. The plan was to go to England, then take the train to Paris. But I found cheaper tickets to Paris and decided we'll take the train to London and come to Paris for two days. As the adventurous that I am, I waited until I got to Garre du nord to buy our train tickets and was very surprised when the train tickets were more than what we paid for our flights. When 3 weeks prior, I checked and they were around 150 euros. We decided to just stay in Paris for the whole trip. two days would have been enough for me.
Paris to me was like that the most beautiful looking person with no personality. Maybe I am being a little harsh.
Yes Paris is very beautiful, very romantic & the most amazing food I've had. It really didn't do anything for me. It was not welcoming as everywhere else that I've been. When I travel, what really draws me is the people I meet & interact with. Maybe I'll change my mind when I go back, but until then :( 

I don't ever want to hear that us New Yorkers are rude. We are actually really nice. I think I would enjoy the other parts of France better than Paris. Have you been to Paris? If so how was your experience? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Go on. Don’t let my negative review hinder you.

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose

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