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Fresh Face, Rose Quartz Roller

fresh beauty

I've been a fan for fresh for as long as I can remember. I first fell in love with their sugar fragrance when I saw it in a magazine years ago. I just love their whole ethos of being and looking
simplistic and fresh. First I am obsessed with anything that has my name on it, roses are my favorite flowers and rose quartz my favorite crystal, rose water my favorite toner ok I'll stop now.The list goes on and on. This rose face mask is one of my favorite mask ever. I love that I can leave on the skin for hours without drying it. It is very hydrating and my skin is thirsty and it smells so good. My face always look so amazing after this mask, I've been doing everyday this week, is that too much? Are you the mask police?
I've been listening to my skin and finding out most mask are too rigid on my skin and this one is just perfect since it brings moisture and aliveness instead of making it dull.

rose quartz face roller

Another thing I've been obsessed with is their soy cleanser. I will be completely honest with you guys. I hated it the first time I tried it. I think it was the texture that put me off or maybe I'm so used to my current ones. I have a rule of trying something at least 12 times, I know that's a lot and that you should know if you like something or not by the 2nd time but I am not convinced. I still say try it a dozen times, if you still don't like it then you probably never will.
It didn't take long at all to like this soy cleanser. On the second try, I was totally opened and had no expectations at all and it actually surprised me by how well it performed being so gentle on the skin. It's hard finding cleansers that won't strip away the skin moisture and this cleanser is it. Now I'm obsessed with it and needs to be in my travel bag.

fresh rose face mask
I recently caved in and convinced myself I should order a rose quartz facial roller. I know jade is the most popular but I'd always go for rose quartz because duh it's my favorite crystal. I knew It would make a difference and it has. After using it a couple of times, I was so amazed by how alive and plump my skin felt.I really like using this roller in my AM and PM routine. After I cleanse , I use the roller for at least 3-5mins, and I apply my moisturizer. . This roller makes everyday feel luxurious. Love the rose quartz, Plus it's pretty for photos,so win win. I'm thinking of getting the jade one as well.

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