By Rose



What I observed in Havana, Cuba

I thought it'd be fun to do a post of what I observed when I visited  Havana, Cuba. 

There were a lot of people that looked like me. I
don't know I what I was expecting but I was very happy to be surrounded by people that look liked me.Felt at home.

The cubans party hard. We stayed in Vedado and literally felt like I was in time square the entire time.  Music blasting tis the wee hour and people on the streets all nigfht.

The humidity is no joke. I've experienced hot weather but nothing quite like the humidity in Cuba. It was hell for someone who doesn't really like being hot. Make sure you bring hats, hand fans, linen and whatever else that keep you cool.

Everyone is beyond nice. It's the number one thing that makes a place memorable for me is how warm the people are.

I could not tell the difference between the tourist and the locals most of the time.

The food is so cheap and amazing. I've read and heard a lot bad things about food before my trip but I was blown away by how amazing and cheap the food was.

As a black person, I think we have a 7th sense of when people look at us & interact a certain way. I felt like there was no separation between black/light cubans. You can feel it in their interactions.

The classic cars are everywhere duh. You can take them as taxis everyday. 

The mangoes are gigantic. I don't think I've ever seen mangoes this big, I'm not exaggerating 

It feels like you are in dream being there. It's magical!

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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