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7 Habits Of Highly Effective Fashion Bloggers

I am not even qualified to write this post, but here I am. I'll do it for who I want to be.

1- They Pre-plan their outfits.
The thing about me is that I avoid anything that has to do with planning like the plague. I don't how and why I had developed an allergic reaction to planing up until now. I'm Aries and we're spontaneous and impulsive. That's all the excuse I can find for how I am the way I used to be. Over the last year and a half I've come to the realization, planning is everything. It gives you a sense of direction, and clarity. I've seen the changes in my life from developing a morning routine, preplan my breakfast/lunch/dinner. that has made my life so easy and everything just flows. I still hate to plan my outfits since I love to get dressed according to my mood, but as a blogger it's very important to plan your outfits.
This has been the reason why I've never been really consistent with my blog because I just would not plan my looks and when I'm dressed I may not have a photographer available.

2- They Scout out locations:
Aside from being a blogger, I am a photographer and I work with a lot of bloggers. What I do find is that some have no idea how the surroundings affect the outfits and vice versa. It's great to have a vision/mood for your outfits. Not every outfit will work with any background unless you're wearing black/white in which case it doesn't really matter where you shoot. When in doubt go to Soho, it's hard not to shoot well there. That's why it's usually my default location. I prefer the UES because I love neutrality and greenery since the park is right there.

3- The Have presets for photo editing
This will save you so much time. I myself used to feel so overwhelmed when it was time edit photos. I hate, hate editing photos so much, especially on the computer. Nowadays I edit everything on my phone using vsco and airdrop them to my laptop(lifesaver). When you have a preset to apply to all your photos, it cuts your editing time in more than half. Editing is such a a breeze these days. I'm so grateful for VSCO cam. If you need help for photos editing check out my BFF Msnerdichia's course here

4- They Write their posts at work,commute or late nights.
If you work for yourself, then find what works for you. Since I have a full time job, I do find it so much easier to write my post when I'm work early in the morning or during lunch break because my brain is clear and fresh. I love writing my post during my commute as well since I take the train to work, unless you drive then this won't work.

5- They are Consistent with their content
Effective bloggers are very consistent with their content. Post regularly, at least twice a week.I need a lot of help in the consistency area. I wish I had Monroe Steele's work ethic. Shes the most consistent blogger I know.

6- They Work with a regular photographer
This is where I am insert myself for some self-promotion hehe. I am a photographer, if you guys didn't know find my rates here. I have an associate in photography but most everything I learned about photography is from YouTube & experimenting.
It makes such a big difference when you have a regular photographer to work with unless your partner is there for the work.
Blogging is a lot easier when you have a regular/personal photog you have chemistry with and reliable(that's me ;)
You can always trade with a blogger friend.

7- They Plan out Social Media Posts & engage with their followers
As you know the more you post on social media, the better. When you plan out your posts ahead of time you're Gucci. One of the reasons why I'm so rubbish at social medial is the lack of posts planning.Another issue for me is that I'm not a social person. That makes it even harder to stay consistent with social media posting.

Engage,engage,engage! I cannot say this enough although I am guilty of not being the best at engaging with my insta friends. I've gotten a little better at it over the last year. If I don't write back right away I just forgot about it all together. It's very important to engage with the people who take time out of their precious days to leave comments on your blog and social media posts. The least you can do as a blogger is to say thank you. Engaging with your viewers is a great way to show gratitude.

*I know I am not a big blogger but I really wanted write this post for me from me. I need massive improvements in these areas. I hope I can take my own advice and use it to take my blog to the next level.

Photos: Monroe Steele

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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