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Left Brain vs. Right Brain

I recently saw an article about the rise of the lady backpack.  It got me thinking about life in NYC definitely requires a backpack. My only problems with them is that they remind me so much of school and
I hated school. I always felt out of place growing up and going to school. It took me years to realize that I am total right brain and being mathematical, logical, retaining a lot of information are not part of my DNA. I've always been an some sort of an artist and I tried so hard to be left brain as expected in a Caribbean household. I always felt stupid in school because I just couldn't pay attention/retain information in the way our school system is set up. I tried my hardest to be an A student and it just did not work. I did find that I excelled so much when it comes to the arts. I can look at a piece of clothing and recreate it. I love architecture and am very imaginative. I don't care for small details because my brain just process those like nothing and used to get frustrated when I had to explain myself.

I wish I knew this about myself growing up and would have just embraced it instead of trying so hard to be someone else. One of my favorite  quote is from Albert Einstein :

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

That quote change my life. Because I was doing the judging and have since remind myself to embrace what I am. I wish I could love math, science and analytical and think about every detail and cared. I just don't. I know humans are plastic and malleable and we can improve ourselves if we put our mind to it. I've spent all my school years trying and still can't tell you anything about what I learned. I wish I went to trade school and took sewing, drawing etc. When I am creating or around art I'm alive.
If you, like me, struggled all your life trying to figure out why you're not a certain way I want to tell you it's okay to be who you are and embrace it.
On that note, I'm curious to know are you left brain or right brain?

Danielle Nicole ISSA BACKPACK

About the backpack, are we embracing it? I am, especially when I do my photography on the weekend I find it easier to carry a backpack that way my hands are free. what I love about this one, you can totally use it as hand bag.


Photos: Monroe Steele

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