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The Secret To Looking Flabless In Dresses

So you guys want to know my little secret to looking flabless in dresses. Before we get into it, let's go back to the years where I
never really wore dresses. I've always had some trouble with my little belly. It didn't matter how skinny I got, I always felt like I could always see my muffin top. Because of that, habitually I've stayed away from wearing fitted dresses. 2 months ago, my friend's Deb aka Msnerdychica shared with me what she wears under her dresses. She always look so flawless and snatched. Ready... a waist trainer. So simple I know. 
I just wished I had gotten into shape-wear sooner. It would have saved me so many embarrassing flaby/bloated moments. 
There you have it my friends, my not so little secret of getting rid of the pouch temporarily for now. 

Not only my does my waist trainer help me look good in dresses, it also helps with me with portion control. I've known myself as an over-eater and always feel terrible and regret it soon after. Since doing intermittent fasting at the end of last year, my appetite has cut down in half. Now with wearing a waist trainer when I wear dresses, my appetite is even more controlled. I am not sure why I used to dislike them so much. 
Another area waist trainer has helped is with my posture. I had terrible posture before so bad so I needed to go see a chiropractor. Now I get compliment on how I have such good posture, and I like thanks only if you knew lol.
It also helps me feel so confident about body and my walk is so much nicer. I can already see the difference in the size of my waist. I am shaped like sponge Bob Squarepants and it's been helping a lot reshaping that area to give the illusion of smaller waist. I honestly wish I had started training when I was younger.
Remember everything in moderation. I do not sleep with it on, I only wear during the day with dresses where I want the flab under control. I am currently taking a break and wearing pants to give my stomach some breathing room.

*I am 5ft3 so I needed one for short torso and here's the exact one I got. If you are taller make sure to get one that fits your frame. I got a size small and I am in the middle hook. I could probably do the the tightest one but I'll wait. I don't want to overdo it.
You can also get a nude color one for lighter colored dresses.
Care: I wash mine every week since it's summertime, it gets stinky because of all the sweat. I throw in the washing machine and I air dry it.
I do not think I'm missing any information, but ask me a question is you have any.
Have I tried other types of shape-wear? I have tried both the pantie and shorts but my favorite is the waist trainer since it only stays at my waist and is the most effective at controlling that area.
I also bought one for working out, but who am I kidding. I hate the gym! I prefer Yoga and other forms of workouts.

Disclaimer: This is my experience, please use with caution. I am not promoting the use of waist trainers, I am just sharing my experiences wearing one.

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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