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Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict 2020


Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict

Raise your hands if you are a skincare addict like moi! This year has given me even more time to really

get down the nitty gritty of learning about products and actually making time for skin. We've never had so much time in our lives and I must say my skin is loving all the love.

I am sharing some of the tools and products I've been using and want. Hope this helps you find some tools and products to add to you list and gift the beauty addicts in your lives.


Nuface- The FIX

OMG! I was sent this device at the beginning of the year and I cannot believe I've slept on it for so long until recently. Since using it religiously, my skin and lines are gone.

It comes with the line smoothing serum which you apply to your skin to activate it and run the fix all over the areas. I love using it especially around my eyes & forehead, it helps me look more awake and the morning eye puffs are gone in 3 minutes.

I'm dying to use the trinity device. On my wish list this year.

Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict

Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict 2020

HeyDewy- Facial humidifier(it's portable)

So for as long as I can remember, I used to always wake up with super dry skin and nose in the winter. Not until I received the heydewy portable humidifier. Now I wake up with my skin/nose still moisturized.

All you have to do is add drinking water and turn on all night. It also has light if like me you like sleeping a shed of of light in your bedroom.

                                 Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict 2020

Air Purifier- 

Now I know this is for allergies, but if like you used to suffer from the worst case of dust allergies and rubbing your eyes to the point of no return which results with under eye circles and puffy/wrinkled eyes. stop reading this and order an air purifier right now and you can thank me in 72hours because you need 1 day shipping from Amazon and 48 hours to try it. Yes that's all you need, you will sleep like a baby and have restful eyes for as long as you keep it on.

Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict 2020
Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict 2020

SLIP_Silk Pillow Case/Eye mask

Yes you need to go all in in this beauty game. If you want to wake up with crease free face and hair, you need a good quality silk pillowcase. It's made the biggest difference if my skin when I wake up and also at night. It's not only luxurious but also feels so good on the skin and hair.

I remember when I use to use cotton pillowcase, every morning i'd wake with so much creasing/wrinkle on my face. Not anymore, there's no going back. In the summer, I do love a good linen pillow case.

Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict 2020

Gua Sha

I recently started getting lymphatic facial massages with Erinmesparza on Instagram, shes located in FIDI in the NYC if you'd like to book her. She uses the gua sha on my face and my skin has never looked better, I cannot believe the difference. This is one tool I am excited to incorporate into my routine daily since I'll be getting these facials every two weeks. 

                                                      Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict 2020

Glowbar- Monthly facials

So if you are not familiar with the Glowbar, you need to get with it. I'be been going for my monthly facials and omg, they have you glowing like a crystal ball when you get out. They don't take their name lightly. I must tell you, I am so impressed with the team and the service. I love how easy they make it to get in and out for your facials and wait until you see the price.

Mty first facial there was the dermaplanning and I cannot recommend it enough. It's like having new face. I don't know how I was living before and I am happy to never think about it.

I go to the one on the UES- 3rd avenue bet 71st & 72nd

I think a gift card would great for someone who enjoys facials.

Gift Guide For The Skincare/Beauty Addict 2020




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