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Why I stopped Wearing Jeans

Why I stopped Wearing Jeans

Never really started to be honest. I never liked jeans, I've been aware of this since birth I'd go as far to say. I never felt comfortable in them, I always feel sloppy when I wear them. I am so surprised by good these look on me in these photos.

I feel so manly in jeans and Jeans actually aren't that comfortable. 

It’s near-impossible to find a good fit

No style really feels right - I've tried so many pairs and wasted so much money over the years and nothing has worked.

I equate casualness with jeans, and I feel it doesn't matter how much effort  I put I still look laid-back.

They always look baggy around my bum since I've got none.(I should be lyricist)

I find them incredibly boring.

Especially now since I started my feminine journey, They are definitely not welcome in wardrobe. I was actually doing my spring cleaning(a little early I know) today when I found these and decided to have some fun. 

Are you a denim lover?

Why I stopped Wearing Jeans
Why I stopped Wearing Jeans





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