12:25 PM


I have been inspired a lot by Pantone color of the year 2017 Greenery. My breakfast and beauty routine has been looking pretty green. I love those face masks from Sephora. The Rose is my favorite and wanted to give the avocado a try.


10:45 AM

What Is Happiness?

What is happiness? Personally I can describe it as a feeling of contentment about everything in ones' life. If you had told me 3 mon...

3:05 PM

Diptyque Roses & Santal

$62 on a candle? I know what you're thinking, crazy right! I used to be that person thinking $62 was too much to spend on a candle. ...

11:03 AM

Penelope Nightstand

Hey guys, I am super excited about this post. I've wanted this nightstand for quite a while now and not sure why I never even though...

8:28 PM


I've had this perfume on my Net-A-Porter wish list since Christmas. I have weird body chemistry with perfumes, so I am always carefu...

10:02 PM

Easy Plantain Chips Recipe

Baked plantain chips Fried plantain Chips I make these for lunch,dinner,as a snack all the time. Actually I made them for two weeks...

3:55 PM

Sock It Up

I found these fun pair of socks on a trip to  topshop and never thought about wearing them.  Once I was in this look, I thought the g...

9:14 AM

Poodle Coat

I called this the poodle coat. Everyone on IG loves this coat. I saw this coat from the store window, and immediately fell in love. It h...

9:32 AM

Weekend Attire

Another simple look from the weekend. Sweater, denim and my Adidas superstar. Never thought I'd b a sneaker person, still not sure ...


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