Friday, January 23, 2015

Cape Town

H&m conscious trend camel felted wool cape,cap sleeve//Thrifted elephant necklace
Ivanka Trump OTK//H&M cape, knee high socks//sheinside lace shorts
Photos: Msnerdychica

I was shopping with my stylish friend Deborah from msnerdychica,and we spotted this cape at the same time and ran straight for kill. Funny thing is I think her current post is her wearing it.The best part was the price tag of $29.99. I couldn't wait to wear it,and here is one of many ways I've worn this cape. This Cape in a felted wool blend with Cap sleeves, wrap-style front with snap is one my favorite buys for fall along with these OTK boots I've worn in my last 3 posts which I wear at least 3times a week.

Have a good week end!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Too Cool For School

Zara long coat,navy blue hat//H&M wool turtleneck
New Look Crosshatch Formal Backpack
Ivanka Trump Sarena' Over the Knee Stretch Boot 
Photography: Msnerdychica

The search for the perfect backpack that's stylish and fit my macbook is finally over and boy I'm glad. I was browsing asos and I have no idea how this showed up in my search or maybe I searched it for it myself(who wants to admit the obvious hehe). Since I'm back in school this backpack has been the it bag for me.I'm sad the black one is sold out on asos but the white one is still available if you dare.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


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Zara navy blue large brim hat//Ivanka Trump sarena over the knee boots//ASOS white blouse
Zara long coat,grey skirt with lace//Ivanka Trump Sarena boots(OTK)
Photography: Msnerychica

Camel coats are must haves for a touch of sophistication. It's my fav coat ever and you can see why! I wear camel coat almost all autumn/winter,it's my fav color for coats.Camel coats are just so chic.This coat broke the bank but it was well worth it.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Fallen Leaves

H&M camel blazer,skirt,blouse & hat. Zara Flats & ASOS watch
Photography: Ashley McGregor

Last Vermont Outfit. I wore this on the way back.This trumpet skirt has to be my favorite ever I've worn it so many times I can't even count like twice a week kinda thing.It's hard finding skirt that looks good on me since I have a pancake bum(none at all) I started the 30 days squats challenge and hope to do it for at least 6 months or a year,so far I can see a little result so I'm quite excited to see what my bum will look like in a year.I just want some shape nothing crazy and no it's not because of KK latest magazine cover,for as long as I can remember I wanted a bum over boobs not so much anymore.I've grown to appreciate my twins,can't have it all sigh.Enough about my body issues,I don't dwell on them anymore it's got to do with getting older you just have to work with what it's given to you.At the same time If I can improve anything naturally I'll try it.

                  Have a good weekend guys!!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


with Msnerdychica

Zara black sweater,pumps//H&M tumpet skirt,camel blazer//ASOS burgundy watch
Photography: Ashley McGregor

Sundays are made for friends and brunch.After mass,met up with the lovely Msnerdychica to shoot,Had brunch @LPQ(they have the best croissants).
About the outfit,All black all day everyday,It's my uniform.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Meet Me At Sunset

Spent day 2 in downtown Burlington which is about half hour  drive from Montpelier. Walked,shopped,ate then it was time to watch the sunset by the waterfront. It's definitely one of the best sunsets spot.

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