Outfit | Salmon

Monday, January 30, 2012

Warning:Pics overload

Lipstick: Mac's Vegas Volt

Trousers:Zara/Blouse:F21/Black pumps:Target

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been dealing with raccoon hair for the past week. I tried coloring my hair at home and It was a disaster,leaving my roots a reddish brown and the rest of my hair is still black.Oh well,I am leaving it the way it is. I paired this salmon colored blouse with my new love-Mac Vegas volt lipstick(My 2nd favorite aside from Russian red). I know most people would agree that this lipstick is to be worn in the summer time,but who cares. I wear what I want when I want to.My New year resolution is to break all the rules.What's yours?

On another note, these pics were taken by a lovely gentleman Colbert Colin who was kind enough to say yes when I approached him about taking a few pics for me. Thank you Colbert.

                   Have a good week everyone!


Photos by Colbert Colin    
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Outfit | Snowy Day

Friday, January 27, 2012

Skirt:H&M/Blouse:F21/Ankle Boots with turn down lapel:Zara/Bag:Thrifted 

Saturday's outfit on a snowy day.I do not let the weather get in the way of me looking chic.
Now off to bed,I have a massive headache.

                 Have a good week end everyone!


Outfit | Tickled Pink

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coat,shirt & Jeans:F21/Wedge booties:H&M/Paris necklace:ASOS

Are you tired of wearing regular blue denim like myself? Yeah I stopped about a few months ago when I found out how much fun it can be to play with colored ones.I have given away most of my regular denim and the few pairs I have left are stashed away somewhere I can't remember.I totally forgot I had these until I woke up last Thursday not knowing what to wear as usual,so I stood there in front of my tiny closet for a good minute before I realized I had unworn clothes in the back.After going through the pile of clothes,I found these light pink jeans and the coat sitting there calling my name(story of my life). I kept it simple by adding a white tee & a yellow belt for a pop of color. Nothing fancy, but hey I was just going to get coffee(yes I am an addict who needs rehab).

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let me start by saying Thanks to Fabsugar for featuring a look of mine. I am so flattered and inspired  to post more now,not that I wasn't before. About a few months back I stumbled upon Fabsugar.com and I've been addicted ever since, especially to their "look of the day section". When I wake up in the morning  the 1st thing I usually do is check the fabsugar app on my iPhone to see the outfit picked for the day  for inspiration. It's so cool that now my looks are on there. Thanks Fabsugar and also a big thank you to my readers.

Outfit | Mellow Yellow

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trousers:Zara/ Sweater & Jacket:H&M/ Booties& shirt:F21

Since it was freezing yesterday and I was feeling mellow,what better way matching my relaxed mood with my clothes.I wore this yellow sweater I recently got from H&M to complement my mood,in addition I loved that the sun was out to make up for chill factor.

As I may have mentioned previously, I've not been a fan of pullover sweaters due to I thought they look odd on busty girls.I used to only wear cardigan style sweaters with a tank top underneath as they suit my body type better(so I thought). As of lately,that has changed, Ive learned it's about all about how you wear or style it and most importantly choosing the right one. First and foremost,a good bra to conceal the girls is a must, and wearing a button down underneath the sweater can draw attention other places than the chest area.At the end of the day,its about trial and error in finding what works for your body type.

Outfit | Lazy Day

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coat:Victoria Secret(old)/Bag:H&M

Leggings & hat: H&M/Top & Cardi:F21/Boots:Bakers

Today I don't feel like doing anything,I just wanna lay in my bed...That's how I felt today(lazy as hell,not by choice of course), I overdid it at the gym(trying to get ready for a tropical vacay) and I am so sore to the point where I could barely move so getting out of bed was a challenge.I had to have mom bring me a cup of coffee to bed so I could get up,that's how bad it was.

When I finally got up, there was no way I was going to do my hair and make up,so I opted for my best accessories;my sunnies & hat.I think it's the quickest I got dressed in a very long time.

I stopped at school since I am thinking about taking a photography class.Photography is something I've always been fascinated by and want it to be a hobby of mine.I'm a sucker for artsy things, I can spend hours at museums and will never get bored.
I do love Art in all forms;music,paintings,photography,literature,etc...I do think right now it's the best time to focus on the things that make me happy instead of expecting it from someone.My focus shifted a lot last year, I was more concerned on being there and the best person I could be to someone else that I lost myself a little in the process. Do I regret it? No,it just who I was.I always try to give my all to anything that I love and I don't think that's going to change but I have to make sure it's worth it and appreciated in the future.I am not claiming to be perfect myself nor that I am an easy person to deal with because I am not.All I know is I'd never take anything for granted nor would I impose on others what I would not choose for myself.
How did I get here?

I do apologize if I get off topic, I tend to do that a lot. Honestly I don't usually have anything planned when I am writing a post because I get dressed according to my mood and how I am feeling that day,therefore I tend to write whatever I felt or did that day.Maybe someone is going through the same thing and can relate to it or not.At the end of the day,it is my personal little space,I guess I'm allowed to get a little personal(sometimes)

                          Happy Tuesday guys!


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Outfit | Green Envy

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jeans:Zara/Jacket:H&M/Top:F21/Shoes:Victoria Secret

Green is one my favorite colors, there's something about it that makes me happy and put me in a good mood if I'm stressing out. It's calming and reminds of nature mostly,the trees,grass,money(J/K)...When I am surrounded by nature that's when I have my deepest thoughts and get inspired. 
Three years ago,my closet only consisted of 2 colors green and black,but not anymore. I think I have  every color now,nevertheless 1/3 of my closet is consisted of the color green(different shades of it). I am loving mint,lime and forest green at the moment but love them all. Green goes well with pretty much every other color,although I love pairing it with pink and yellow.
I have been trying to break out of it a bit because when I look around me all I see is green everything. 
Not to mention;my fav stone is emerald, it's such a nice shade of green and so mysterious looking. 

                      Whats ur fav color?


Outfit | Shady Lady

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dress:F21/Blazer:H&M/Bag:Victoria Secret/Nude pumps:Guess
Sunnies: Betsey Johnson/Lips:Russian Red by Mac

Lately I have been hiding behind my sunnies a lot,especially these I have on here by Betsey Johnson.I just love these shades and have them on almost everyday if it's sunny outside.I am the type of person who will wear something I like every day until I find a new love.For right now these are my favorite shades,and I think they have been in my past 5 posts if I am not mistaken.Hopefully I'll remember to remove them next time.Lol

              Hope everyone is enjoying their week!


Outfit | Black & Yellow

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blazer & Accessories:H&M/Skirt:F21/Shoes:Steve Madden/Watch:Michael Kors

The weather has been super lately, and I am trying to take advantage of it.Yesterday was so nice that there was no need for a coat,and I was even sweating in this blazer.I've had this mustard maxi skirt for a while now and wanted to wear it so bad, and since the weather was cooperating yesterday I decided to go for it.Though I'd love to see snow,I am not mad at this spring-ish weather (enjoying every minute of it)
Perfect weather for wearing blazers which I love and I am in the process of collecting them in every color. Here,I am wearing this black fitted blazer from H&M which is perfect with maxi or midi skirts. I don't think oversized blazers do justice to long flowy skirts,they look better with something fitted on top in my opinion.

Have a good week everyone!


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