Outfit |Ombre Denim Shirt+Yellow Maxi skirt

Saturday, June 30, 2012

F21 Ombre shirt & yellow maxi skirt\\ZigiSoho Sandals\\H&M neon leather bracelet\\Zara beetles necklace

Here's yesterday outfit heading to Mount Vernon.I am wearing this flowy yellow maxi skirt(similar here) & gold embellished sandals(you can get these look alike here) to balance out this daring midriff ombre denim shirt.

            Have a good & chic weekend loves!

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Outfit | Little White Dress(LWD)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

H&M White dress & tropical print wedges\\Zara shopper basket& beetles necklace\\F21 coral blazer\\Mac's Ruby woo lips

Hello everyone,hope  you are enjoying this lovely Wednesday! I actually didn't sleep all night(addicted to youtube),& around 5am I got the idea of driving to Hudson River and capture the sunrise which I did(pretty stoked about it).Then, I went back home and slept for a few hours just to be woken up by my phone ringing(need to turn that thing off before I sleep)
Once I was up,got dressed and went to pick up my illustration for the blog header(Thanks Meg).I can't wait to put it up and show u guys the new look.
I went thrift shopping afterwards,& same thing happened as last time got there 15mns before they close(when am I ever going to learn?lol).I only picked up a cameo brooch and a pair of jeans for some DIY shorts.I am going to attempt to make flag denim shorts for 4th of July.Have you guys figured out yet what to wear,& what you'll be doing? Let me know...
So yeah,this is what I wore today,just a plain white dress paired with these tropical print wedges both from H&M.Making yet another appearance are the lovely Zara shopper basket & this coral blazer from this recent post.

                Have a chic day!

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Meet My New Hair | Buzz Cut

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Diane's wearing:Dress:F21\\wedges:Marshalls\\clutch:her mums(which I tried to steal,lol)
Dress:boubou\\orange clutch:H&M\\Orange basic sandal:Zara\\watch:Gucci

Happy sunday guys! Meet my new hair!(this line reminds of the millionaire matchmaker show on Bravotv where Pati always say "meet my millionaires")lol. I am aware I get sidetracked a lot when writing posts on here,Please forgive me.So,What do you guys think about my buzz cut?Whether u like it or not,let me know.
I've wanted to this forever,but was really concerned & scared if I'd look feminine with a nearly bald head.It is also one of the list of 50 things to do in my lifetime,I can  this one out now.It just so happened that my hair was extremely damaged due to over-coloring & I'm  going natural,perfect timing for this cut.

These pics from last night's graduation party with my friend Diane.We had so much fun at the party,it was beautiful(btw,I need to learn how to do the cha cha slide).

                Have a chic week loves!

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Outfit | Denim Shorts=Summer Uniform

Friday, June 22, 2012

Zara Beetles necklace\\green Scarab ring:Vintage\\Lips:Mac's Russian Red
F21 Denim short &Salmon blouse\\Steve madden Black suede dynamite heels\\Thrifted Belt

Nothing says summer more than cute denim shorts in every color.They are becoming my summer uniform,I prefer pairing my denim shorts with sheer blouses,it's causal but chic.I don't really like them with tank tops because it looks too causal for my taste and more beach/pool appropriate.How are you guys coping with this heat wave if you are on east coast?I cope by staying in pool the whole day,this heat is no joke.

                Stay cool guys!

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Outfit | Sail My Way

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sailboat printed dress:H&M\\Cream wedges:Colin stuart(victoriasecret)\\Cream tote:Aldo\\Lips:Mac's Russian Red

Hello everyone,How was your weekend? I had a blast this past weekend in Massachusetts for a graduation BBQ with the funniest people I know(Rosie,Kenya,Hinedy,&Kobby). I'm so glad they brought me along with them,I swear I had a grin plastered on my face the entire time!
Now on to what I'm wearing today;
Lazy summer(almost)days call for a sailboat printed dress.Since the dress is bright,I kept everything else neutral with these beige colored wedges & cream Aldo tote.

             Have a chic day loves!

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Outfit | Coral Blazer & White Denim Shorts

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coral blazer & white denim shorts-F21\\Gold sequin clutch & cross strap sandal-ZARA/Belt &bracelet-Thrifted/watch-Gucci

Coral is a great color for spring/summer and a must-have if you love wearing vibrant hues.Here,I am wearing this beautiful coral blazer(identical ones here and here) paired with white denim shorts(similar here) & top. Since coral is from pink & orange,I completed the look with orange lipstick(mac's morange) and pink Zara cross strap sandal(so comfortable).

            Have a chic week end guys!

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Outfit | Feeling Boho

Thursday, June 14, 2012

H&M bohemian deluxe maxi skirt,mint top&bag,pink belt\\Sandals-ZigoSoho\\Lips-Mac's vegas volt
Green scarab ring:Vintage//Nails:Revlon minted

This floral maxi skirt has a whimsical flare to it and it's what I wear when I'm feeling boho.I wore this yesterday to run errands and ended up with one of my favorite finds yet.I totally forgot that the local thrift stores close early(4pm),I got there 10 minutes prior to 4pm,and had little to no time to look through the racks.I went browsing the jewelry section instead,and I immediately fell in love with this vintage green Scarab ring.It so happened to be green which is my favorite color(since white is not color).
Funny story;I couldn't remember the word Scarab,so I called the shop today and was like"hmm,I was the last person to make a purchase yesterday,could you please tell me the description of the ring?"I am fascinated by the most random thing,so yeah Scarab is now included.Please forgive me if I make no sense sometimes.

               Have a chic day loves!

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Outfit | Office Appropriate (Peplum)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

F21 black peplum skirt\\White blouse-thrifted\\Black pumps Colin Stuart for victoria secret\\Zara shopper basket

This is what I look like in an office setting-very office appropriate,right? Peplum is back in style,and I am glad this black peplum skirt(5years old)did not make it in the donation bin. I tend to put away clothes like 3 weeks before they start trending again,and get so pissed that I have re-buy them.This happens to me every season,and just the other day I was stoked when I saw a pic of Mila Kunis in an outfit that I have similar pieces to everything she wore(well,thought I did).When it was time to do the "look for less",I found out I had donated the army jacket the week before (-_-;).

About the outfit,I paired this black peplum skirt(similar here) with my fav white blouse,added black pumps from victoria secret(similar here).To break up the monochrome look,I went with my tan Zara shopper basket(here).
P.S. Apoligies for the ugly background,its been raining all day.

                 Have a chic day!

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Outfit | Casually

Saturday, June 9, 2012

F21 coral kirt & white tank top\Mandees Navy blue blazer(old)\Aldo leopard bag\Asos spike bracelet

Hello everyone!How's your weekend going?Mine's going well,I've been working out a lot(running,gym,hiking,& bike riding),& trying to be a photographer,lol.I bought this massive frame a year ago and have yet to find a nice pic for it.I have been taking loads of panorama pictures,and flowers are one my fav subjects(see instagram).I have yet to capture something overly interesting to blow up for the frame...Maybe I'll do a post on it and u guys can help me choose a pic.Let me know.

Here,I'm casually dressed for a low-key outing.I added a navy blue blazer for more coverage on top since my skirt was so short.I try to follow the rule:Legs or Cleavage but not both.

                  Happy weekend!

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Outfit | Butterfly Skull T-Shirt

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

H&M's men Skull tee/Zara coated trousers & tan shopper basket/Victoria secret white ankle strap sandals
Happy Tuesday everyone! Here's what I wore yesterday to grab dinner and a movie(love going to the movies on Monday=less crowded).Got this butterfly printed skull t-shirt from H&M,yes it's from the men section,I thought it was cool & for $5 had to have it.I am currently obsessed with skull/skeleton t-shirts and jewelry ,it might have something to do with me watching too much Craig Ferguson(love Geoff Peterson-the sexy skeleton robot on the late late show).Or it might just be that I find skull/skeleton cool,creepy & wicked in a good way though. I am also loving this sleeveless skull tee from Zara,I'll be heading there later on today(check my instagram to see if get it).

I had no idea how I was going to wear this skull tee without it looking too casual,then I laid eyes on my favorite coated Zara trousers & thought that is it.These trousers are my go to item when I need edge up any t-shirt.I completed the look with these white ankle-strap sandals for a bit of glam,Tan Zara shopper basket since I carry my life with me,and a red trench coat for some color(was cold & rainy too).
                   Have a chic day loves!

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Outfit | Orange Accents

Sunday, June 3, 2012

F21 dress & orange bag/Zara basic sandal orange/Lips Mac's russian red

Happy Sunday lovelies!Sorry for the lack of posts,was a little busy this past week...This is what I wore yesterday,I found this dress while my mum was cleaning.I gave her clothes I don't wear anymore to donate,and I when I saw this printed dress(looks like an art project to me) I had to try it on again.So,I decided to keep it for now...Is that bad?I Added orange accents with the heels and bag.

I know I've been wearing these Zara sandals a lot,forgive me for the overdose.They just instantly glam up any plain outfit,e.g. this dress!

                   Have a good week loves!

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