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I don't know if you're excepting a music playlist or some talk about charm bracelets.If you weren't,good!
I'm actually talking about this Pandora dress from misguided that featured in every youtuber's video over the holidays.If you're a youtube addict like myself,you've seen this dress before.It's the perfect LWD!

I feel incredibly sexy in this dress.I'm one of those girls who cannot go a day without wearing a bra because of my size 32H  twins,but with this dress I don't have to,hallelujah! 

I paired it this gold clutch from Zara,still remains my favorite thing after all these years(since I started blogging which was almost 4years ago)

Thank you for reading



MsNerdyChica Smiles said...

Holy boobs!!! OMG I'm in love with this dress!!

Rose said...

Thanks gurlfriend


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