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Trastevere was one of my fav spot. It's a district in Rome,on the west bank of the Tiber.It's one of Rome's most charming areas.My new friend Barbara and amazing writer(go read her blog) took us there due to an interview with the owner of homebaked. It's amazing how social media can bring people together...


It's a great feeling when you meet someone for the first time and it feels like you've known them forever which was the case for Barbara and I. We talked,laughed,posed for photos,shopped like old pals.I guess I'll say thank you Barb for showing me parts of Rome I'd never see.shhhhh I won't tell you how may stairs we had to take and how many we got lost trying to find homebaked which is an American cafe,so if you live and Rome and still want a taste of home,head there!

sitting outside Homebaked, Rome
Tiber River,Rome

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