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Rome Photo Diary

Rome! It's a place I dreamt about since I was little reading about it in classes. Maybe it's my fault for putting so much hype on it. The thing I've come to realize,it doesn't matter how beautiful a place is,if the people are not warm,It kind of loses some its beauty. That's how I feel about my time there. I am willing to give it another try one day to see if I feel the same way. Keep Reading to find out about the ordeal we had to go though to get back to NY.....

Whatever you do,don't travel to Italy during the Milan Expo,unless its the reason for your visit.The ordeal Rosie and I went through to get back home!We learned our lesson! Some of it was due to poor planning on our part. We booked our tickets both to and from Milan,and decided Rome was our last stop which is on the other side(bad idea). When It was time to get back to Milan from Rome to catch our flight,all trains and flights were booked due to the Milan Expo. We only found one available flight which costs just about the same to fly to New York from Rome. We didn't know what to do! It was panic!We tried looking to flight to any other city near Milan,and everything was booked as well thanks to the Milan expo.We called Turkish Airlines to see if they would change our flight location,they said no we have to buy new tickets. We ended buying new tickets for the next day(Wednesday).We slept at the airport that Tuesday night since we did not want to get stuck anywhere else,we just wanted to be home.Wednesday comes,just to find out that our 8am flight was cancelled! OMG,almost had a panic attack. We started crying,praying to get out of Rome. Thank God,they were a lot of other Americans on that flight and they were not having it.We all started yelling(I know,but...) to put us on another fights. That worked,they put us all on other airlines flights.Again we were given the wrong information.They said they added us on a Delta Airlines flight,gave us our tickets and they don't even have an alliance with Turkish Airlines.Which we found after waiting 2hours for that imaginary flight. Thanks to Delta Airlines amazing customer service,their rep did all the work for(Turkish Airlines) and printed us or tickets for Alitalia which was where were supposed to be in 1st place.We still had to wait another 3 hours for the next flight. 
Traveling is amazing but is not always pretty,all you have to remember is the destination. I learned a lot from that experience and would not change a thing if I had the opportunity.I must say,It's the 1st place,I've ever traveled where I did not want to get stuck & was homesick :(

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