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DIY | American Flag Denim Shorts

 American Flag shorts are always trending & 4th of July is 5hours away-so here's a quick DIY.It doesn't have to look perfect and do not make the mistake I made by painting the crotch area(you don't wanna look like you have your period,lol).It doesn't cost a lot to do this,the shorts I am using are from the thrift store $4 & the materials cost about $10.If you are crafty,you might already own the supplies needed.

What you need:Fabric paints(red&white)you may also use stencil sprays,painter's tape,stars stencil,all purpose brushes(foam for the stripes side).I used candle holder for the paint,and just wash them as soon as you are done.I got all the above supplies at A.C Moore,or you can find them a your local craft store.
For the Stripes:Using painters tape,simply make stripes form top to bottom(but its up to your liking if you want them horizontal or vertical).Then brush the red paint or spray on the open areas.
For the Stars:Using stars stencils,cut them separately and lay them as flat as you can and paint away.Once you done,let it dry for 4 hours,they can be washed after 72 hours.

Now your American Flag denim shorts are ready to wear!Pair them with converse(I'll be wearing my suede booties since I have yet to find my perfect pair of converse),white tee shirt or blouse.
I really hope this was helpful.Forgive me if it's not perfect,this is my 1st time doing it,so yeah!(*_*)

Have a Happy 4Th of July guys,be safe and eat lots of food!

Thank you for reading❤!
Amanda said...

What am awesome idea!! Totally better than spending 50 bucks on shorts!

Thanks for the idea rose!

Oh btw Im going to find another black dresss for you to get! The one I bought is sold out :(


Dadouchic said...

Thanks Amanda,that's why I decide to make em, I couldn't find one under $40
Let me know about the dress,I so want the one you have but sth similar will do-thanks:)

Dadouchic said...

Thank you Miss F:)




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