By Rose



Fall Transition

Perfect fall transition pieces: a sleeveless blazer, culottes & dark lip. Although summer is still here in NYC, I am ready for fall. It's my favorite season,I probably say it every year but it is true. This year has been more exciting than ever for me.When you look back at your
life and to think you've made more progress in a year than 5 is mind blowing. I am not to discounting those past years, in fact everything I did then prepared me for what I've been able to accomplish this year. As fall is the  season of harvest, the same theory can be used for life. I've been working on myself since the beginning of the year on becoming on being better than I was yesterday, a minute ago. Things I've given up, living in lack,jealousy,competitiveness,people's opinions,holding on to grudges,fears,limitations,and so many more. I do feel right now is time to harvest and get ready for the new year ahead.

I've discovered the world of personal development and it's one of the best thing to happen to me. I've come to realize everything is a mindset. If you don't use your mind to your advantage,someone else will do it for your for theirs. I've always known about the mind being powerful but knowing how to use it is not as advertised as bad news. I've finally found the answer I've been searching all along,Thoughts become things. If you're focusing on everything that's going bad or thins you don't want you're only going to continue attracting those things. A lot of us refuse to acceptthat fact which is why a lot of us don't make a change. I had to come to term with myself and took full responsibility for everything I dint like that I've attracted to my life and did a complete 180. Sometimes I sit down or walk and smile of how much I don't recognize who I used to be. Sometimes I cant even believe that was me. unlike me you don't have to wait to hit rock bottom to change, you can do it now.
I felt inspired to write this, let me know if you guys want me to do more these posts.

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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