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Marrakesh's Souks | Tips Before You Go

We got lost in the souks on our 1st day in Marrakech. I won't lie, it was a little scary when we could not find our way back to the
Riad,  with the sun quickly disappearing and no internet connection to be found. What made it scary was these men in the souk catcalling, and the merchants yelling for your attention, wanting you to buy something from them. Aside from that, the souks are amazing; so colorful, so electric, so many merchants with the most beautiful rugs, basket bags, shoes, spices, etc....
The Souks did not disappoint. It was everything I hoped it would be. A sensory overload. It’s busy, it’s loud, there is so much beauty, it’s hard not to buy everything.
We didn't realize it actually gets busier at night; the foot traffic was intense.
I'm a little disappointed in myself for not getting more spices as someone who call herself the Caribbean spice Queen.

Top Tips Before You Go:
  • Marrakech souks entice, but be prepared to haggle
  • Don’t ask the price of something unless you are willing to buy it, and be prepared to take your time. My rule of thumb is to offer half of the seller’s first price and go from there. There is never a ‘correct price’ – if you want something and are satisfied with the price, then you've paid the right amount. 
  • Watch your purse or valuables while navigating the backstreets of the souks: they can often become crowded and pick-pockets are common. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of time, as the streets are often dead end. It's like walking through a maze.
  • You'll just be bombarded by the ' hosts ' of the eateries to dine with them. just say no thank you unless you're interested.
  • Use app on your mobile and it will guide you even if no signal or Wi-Fi. We still got lost using app, I had to turn on my data to find our way back to the hotel
This place is just amazing! It is everything you thought Marrakesh would be. Shops and stalls of all and every kind. Just beware!

Pictures by Monroe

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