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Goals For 2018

I know we're already half way through January, but I really needed the time to think about my goals for 2018. I was really proud of
myself after reviewing last year goals and saw how much I've accomplished.I set & wrote my goals down, worked towards them and checked off 90% of them. I knew when it came time this year, I really needed to sit down and think about what I really want to do this year. I must say, I am the happiest I'ever been everrrr, I am content, I am so grateful for where I am & headed and don't really have too many goals this year. Again I am not being complacent, now days I tell people to never rest on their laurels. It's human nature to always want to go further and we should always strive to be better. I do think sometimes its good to enjoy where you are in life before you set another goal. 
I have three major goals for 2018 & I'm sharing two with you guys. Here we go!

1. Financial Independence/Financial Literacy/Debt Free.( Being free, financially, means you can maintain your desired lifestyle without a regular paycheck. In other words, financial freedom is the 21st-century definition of retirement.)
A little back story..I've lived paycheck to paycheck since I could remember. I am not blaming my parents in any ways, they did everything they could for me to be where I am now but I've inherited some of their money beliefs. I've tried for so long to handle my finances and just could not get the hang of it. I just did not have a plan for my money and I was stuck wondering where my money went at the end of every month! I tried saving and every time I saved something, I'd end up spending it. Social media has escalated our spending habits so high. If you are not strong and have a plan,and know your why, you will fail. 
I never really took saving seriously until now. I never saw the point in saving money when you could just book a plane ticket somewhere. I've had the belief live everyday like it was my last day, that included spending everything even when I had no idea where I'd find it tomorrow. The cycle continued...In late 201 and all 2017, I've done a lot of inner work where I've adopted an abundance mindset, let go of all my past money beliefs that were holding me back and the money began to flow, but I was still spending all of it. I came to conclusion that I needed a plan to manage my finances. I've learned what self discipline can do and I had finally had my aha moment with money. 
It's very important to have a why you're doing something. If you don't don't know why you are doing something, you'll probably give up easily.

I do find that money is still a taboo subject in today's society and my goal is to help women( especially women of color) be more financially savvy and comfortable talking about it. I've seen so nay cases where women stayed in bad marriages/relationships and so on because of financial situation. Since I can remember I've always said I want to be earning more than my husband. 
So this year is all about Financial literacy for me and be on my way to financial freedom.

2. Launch another successful business: that's my 2nd goal for 2018. I will share more on that very soon.  

If you guys struggle financially or have tips on how to save a shit load of money I'd love to hear your story. Comment below.

Earnest, a company that helps financially responsible people achieve their dreams as well as options to refinance student loans, has this amazing Money Saving Challenge guide that I am following to help me reach my financial goal.

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose
Around The World Girl said...

I just so happened to stumble on your blog and let me say I’m feeling it. You’ve hit a few points for me specially having an abundance mindset, while also being mindful on how you’re handling your finances. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

I must admit I’ve been slacking on my blog and I know I need to step it up. Thank you for this post.




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