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Let's Reflect on 2017 , What I've learned

Happy New Year 2018!! I am so excited of all the amazing things I'll be creating for myself this year.

It's easy to say that 2017 has been my best year yet. They say to not underestimate the growth that can happen in a year and it's so
true. To think that when you change your attitude of mind, you change your whole life. 2017 has brought me so much and I am eternally grateful. Launching my line DadouStudios with my love was one of the many highlights of this year. Going to Morocco was pretty dope. I can check riding a camel, camping in the desert off my list. I've pretty much accomplished all the goals I set for myself this year. I had to learn that dreams don't work unless you do.

Here are 10 realizations from 2017.

1. You are not stuck : Let me be the next person to tell you, that you are not stuck. Life is happening for you not to you. For the longest time I had the belief that things are what they are and you cannot change them. I was waiting for the perfect moment and that someone to change my life.It's total BS= belief systems. There's no such thing as the perfect time and that person that will change your life. The perfect moment is always now. You can change your situation if you decide to.

2. Self belief : Self belief is everything, if you don't believe in yourself no one will, not even the universe or God. This year has shown me that when you believe in yourself, the universe responds to that and you have to believe that you deserve it. For a long time, I had things that I wanted but didn't believe I deserved them and wonder why  I never got them. Just remember your belief about yourself are creating your reality. make sure to sit down and ask yourself, what do I really believe in? How do I see myself? 

3. A negative mind cannot give you a positive life.  So true, I used to think positive thinking was BS. It is not. Just compare your mind to a land, if you plant weeds(negative thinking) you get weeds, but if you plant flowers(positive thinking) you get flowers. Your mind is the most powerful computer out there, just think of what type of program/software your are putting in there. Be very mindful of the thoughts in your head. Meditation is a great way to help you weave out negative thinking.

4. Let go of lack/limitation. I promise you there is enough for all of us. Look at nature, it's abundant. The saying goes " "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." This year I've learned to be genuinely happy for everyone's good fortune, congratulate your friends when they receive good news and to let go of competition. I know the school system programs us to compete with each other. It's so wrong, the only person you should ever compete with if who you were yesterday. You never have to compete with anyone, all you have to do is create. Remember we're all connected, when you're happy and wish others well you actually doing the same for yourself. What you give you get to keep. Just know whatever you put out in the universe, you get back tenfold whether good or bad. My mom is the most giving person I know. If you give money, compliments, your time etc to other people, you will get them back. You must also be a good receiver. Accept compliments without putting yourself down.Say Thank you when someone offers you a free lunch. Pick up pennies from the floor.

5. No comparison. you've heard this saying a million times before, Comparison is the thief of joy. Never heard a truer statement. You never know what someone's life is really like. You don't know how much work they've put into their success to call them lucky is an insult. In the age of social media, it's easy to get swept into comparing yourself with someone who's got 100k or the perfect body. Don't do it. You are enough. 

6. Complaining is like cancer. When you complain you remain a victim and won't attract a better situation. If something is bothering you,look for ways to change it. If you cannot change it then change the way you look at the situation. I've been doing a no complaint challenge.

7.Gratitude. I can write a book on gratitude alone. It changed my life completely. Over a year ago when I started journaling all the things that I was grateful for everyday, I did not understand and could not have predicted the power of Thank You. I truly believe that gratitude is the easiest way to change your life. If you have any doubt, try it and you'll be amaze. You cannot be upset and grateful at the same time. Next time you find yourself upset, just think of something you're grateful for.

8. Self Love. The day I decided I was going to love myself unconditionally was the day I was truly free. You have to love yourself 1st and foremost, without that you cannot love anyone else. You have to get to the point where you are ok with doing the rest of your life alone if it came down to it. You have to love yourself so much that you get down on 2 knees and ask yourself to marry you. 

9.Empty mouths don't get fed. For the longest I was waiting for things to be done for me.Guess what? No one owes you sh*t. If you want something, you have to ask for it & do it yourself.

10.Set Intentions & having a routine: Setting intentions & having a routine are so very important. Sure you cannot plan every moment of your life and sometimes unexpected things get thrown at you. You will be less overwhelmed and reactive when that happen.Take control of your days by taking 5-10mns in the morning to set your intentions. I use the 5minute journal every day and it's the easiest way to set intentions and I design my day accordingly. Unlike before where it was, wake up,rush to work and see what the day bring which was nothing. Nowadays I have so much more time and I accomplish so much more during the day as opposed to before when I used to always be in a rush.

Last but not least. Thank you to each and everyone of you who takes the time to visit and read my blog. I am grateful for your time.

I’m really excited to step into 2018 with bigger goals.

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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