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Introvert or Extrovert?


Yes, I am or used to be an introvert. I hate labeling myself with this or that. I've never considered myself either one. All I know is I love spending time alone, sometimes a little too much. I've never been one to hang out with people for the sake of it. I usually feel
more alone around people more often than not. That's usually because it's with people I don't vibe with or share the same interests. I do find that the percentage of people that share my interests is small or maybe I need to be a little bit more open.

I've been told how quiet I am especially at my current job which  is puzzling because that's never happened to me before. At my old jobs, I've always talked to everyone, made great friends. It made me question myself a lot these last couple years wondering if I was really that quiet. Maybe I am bias but could not find any evidence. I know that I don't like to waste my energy on meaningless conversations. I love having only a handful of friends. I love spending a lot of time alone. I know that crowds drain my energy and most times I feel more alone around people.I don't think I've ever felt lonely by myself because I've spent so much time with myself. I actually enjoy my own company a little too much.

The reason why I am writing this post is tell you don't label yourself and reject any other people try to put on you. Just be You. I am not saying don't try to improve yourself if you feel you could use some work. I am a work in progress. I was probably the shiest person I've ever known. I knew I wanted to make a change, so I started a YouTube channel to help me get in front of the camera and talking to people. Now if you don't want me to shut up, give me a camera. I knew I wanted to be funny so I spent some times watching comedies. I think I'm pretty funny. I've come to discover you can become pretty much anything in life if you do the work. I always thought only some people have certain talents. Now some people are born with it, but I am here to tell you; you can learn it. You just have to put your 10000 hours.
So guys do you think you relate more with introversion or extroversion?


Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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