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Money Beliefs You Must Give Up In 2018

We've all inherited money beliefs from our parents and people with we grew up around. Some good, some bad depends on how financially savvy they are. Not to blame our parents, but most of them had
poor money beliefs which get passed down to us and the cycle continues. I grew up very religious where money was not valued. The thinking was there was some virtue in poverty. I am here to tell you there's none. With more money, you can make such a big difference. Of course money it is not everything but it is very important.

1. Money is evil. There's no such thing. Why do we spend our lives working for something we consider evil in the 1st place. Until you give up that belief, money will stay far away from you. You have to start getting comfortable with money. Talk about it. Invite it into your life. Money is currency, it's a reward for service rendered & there's nothing evil about that. It used to be cows, coins, paper and now a piece of plastic. It transmuted and transformed over time.

2.Only crooks have a lot of money. Money only add to who the person is. It's the nature of the person with the money not the money. Money is a form of exchange. We give meaning to it. If someone is good, they'll do more good with more money and vice versa.For the longest time I struggle with deserving more money, because I used t think I'd become a bad person if I made a lot. That's what I heard growing up and it stuck with me for a long time & was very detrimental to my life.

3 . Not enough for all of us. Someone's else's riches doesn't take anything away from you. There's more money printed everyday. There's enough for all of us. I see this all the time in our community, when we get jealous of someone's success or good fortune. If you do that, you are repelling money from coming to you. You have to celebrate other who have what you want. If you criticize someone's gains, you're telling the universe you don't want that and that applies to everything in life, not just money.

4. You can only get rich through lottery. Wrong. Most people who wins the lotto lose it soon after. Wealth is built not won. The best way to build wealth is to provide people with a service. It's the law of exchange. Steve jobs never focused on the money, he just wanted to change the world and in so doing he got all the money.

5. You must be poor to be spiritual. This could not be more wrong. There's no virtue in poverty. Poverty is the root of all evil. When does crime rates go up? When there's money problems. You being poor doesn't help anyone. If you have money, you can make a difference in your community and have a good life for yourself.

If you guys have any more tips that I am missing here. Please leave them in the comments and also share with me which one of these beliefs you've struggled with.

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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