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A Bronx Tale

A Bronx Tale is one of my favorite movies, have you guys seen it? I think it has some great lessons, I should probably go see the Broadway show now. We took these photos in the Bronx after a sushi date. I usually like to
shoot in Manhattan, but  thought why not explore my borough a bit more. I've been living in the Bronx now for two years and it's been really good I must say. I love that my family is only a 25 minutes drive away and my commute is so much better compare to when I lived in Brooklyn. Although the trains are not that great on the weekend, and  do feel like I need a car in the Bronx. The main reason I wanted to move to the city was not to let go of driving, but I realized how comfortable and convenient it is to have a car. I am considering getting a new car and forgo moving to Harlem. I've been wanting to move to Harlem for sometimes now because I was focusing on the cons of living in the Bronx instead of the pros. I have this shift suddenly where I thought maybe I have not given the Bronx a good enough chance. 

My rent is pretty decent so I thought instead of getting a smaller place for more money, why not stay where I am and save that money to buy a house of my own. I never thought I'd want to own a house because I've always identified myself as a free spirit, spontaneous who wants the option to just get up and move somewhere. I considered myself a nomad for sometimes, always wondered why live in one place when I can in many others. I didn't want any attachment to anything, maybe that has to do with some limiting beliefs I had. I've concluded that I want to set root somewhere whilst having the option to travel the world as I please or Maybe it's because I am getting older & changed my mind. I also thought, instead of paying someone else's house for 10-20 years, why not my own. After paying rent now  for 4 years now, I wish it was on my own place, but my mindset is not the same as it used to be. So My plan to is to buy my house & redo it the way I want. I've already  have folders of inspos in my phone for my closet, office, etc... 
What do you guys think? Renting forever or buying your own place?

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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