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Your Environment Affects Who You Are

I've been reflecting on how I've changed my environment in the last year and how it's made the biggest difference in my life. I've always been aware of this on some level. After high school when most
of my friends were doing other things and doing drugs, I removed myself from it all and focused on where I wanted to go in life. But when it cam time for where I worked, it was a different story since you don't always choose your colleagues & who you get to sit next to.

Your environment is fundamental to the choices you'll make in your life. I've seen it happen with my brothers. Growing up this French saying has been drilled in my head : Dis-moi qui tu fréquentes et je te dirai qui tu es · Birds of a feather flock together. Which is one the reasons I have very few friends and also I am sort of an introvert and love a small circle. 
Let's go back to environment. We are largely a product of our personal environment because different types of surroundings affect our behavior and life satisfaction. I've seen in myself times and times again when I start dating, working with people and next thing I know I start talking like them, acting like them, listening to the same music and so on. Which is why it's very every important to be aware of your environment because it will determine the choices you make in life.
That is why you have to make sure you pick your environment with care and that you are around people who are going to help you grow. 

Two years ago, I fell in the trap of negativity which I take full responsibility for because I hate to play the victim. It doesn't matter how happy you are if you hang out around negativity long enough it's only a matter of time before it gets you. I fell really deep into it for about a year. I became one of them, the complainer, the seeing the bad in everything, the boss hates me, everyone hates me, the you can't grow in the company, the you can't get a raise, the picking out at everyone's flaws( which were really my own). Everything was going wrong and I was wondering why. I got into the personal development world around Thanksgiving of 2016 & everything became clearer. I changed my mindset & mental attitude to PMA (positive mental attitude) and my whole life was transformed for the better. 
As all these changes were happening, it was becoming so hard for me stay in the same place with the same people that got me there. I asked the universe one day, please remove me from my environment since it no longer served me. I must say about 2-3 weeks later, an opportunity opened up and I took the chance & it removed me from the crowd. 
I find it hard sometimes to have conversation with some people because they're still stuck in that negative mindset, even family too. I keep my conversation to a minimal. I do find sometimes just spending two minutes engaged in negative conversations attract things I don't want into my life. I'm not here to say go live under rock, you just have to find a way to manage the energy in your environment so it doesn't affect you.
With that being said, I m urging you to look at your work environment. If it's not helping you get out and do it fast. 

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