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All Bright With Hibiscus / Botanics

If yo guys watch my YouTube videos which I hope you're subscribed
to, you'd know how much last year was the year of skincare for me. I decided to get out my comfort zone and tried so many new products which I ended up falling with and some have changed my skin for the best. I decided that going forward I will always try new skincare products and not stick with what I have. I am a sucker for brightening skincare products and have been loving the Botanics All bright with Hibiscus range.

I have used Botanics in the past and I love their products. The refreshing toning spritz with rosewater has been a favorite of mine and their hydrating day cream with rosehip. I am so excited to try their all bright range with hibiscus. Fun little fact. I' m from Haiti and our unofficial flower is the hibiscus. As a kid growing up I used to play with hibiscus a lot. My cousins and I would extract the oil and we'd have our own made up farmers market selling our goods. Now I'm so happy hibiscus is part of my skincare.

Lets start with with the Botanics Cleansing facial wipes and Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing solution.
Taking my makeup off is one of my favorite step of my skincare routine and usually the first one. I have to use both a facial wipes and micellar water combined because I like to be extra vigilant when taking it all off. My make up that is! We know micellar water has been the wage and  I am very particular about the ones I use.
I love the botnaics 3in1 cleaning solution because its gently removes impurities and disolves make-up with its ultra mild, non rinse formula. I always follow up with a facial wash but its good to know that I can trust this Botanics cleansing solutions to remove everything without needing to wash my face.
I also like that it hydrates and nourishes skin. No one likes that dry feeling after taking up their make-up.
I go in first with the facial wipes which are great for removing all the dirt and exfoliate my skin. I like this particular one a lot because they are formulated with natural AHAs from the hibiscus plant which helps with the exfoliation. I really like that these wipes are exfoliation without that hard surfcae grinding against my sensitive skin.
Then I'd follow up with the micellar water using a few cotton pads.

Botanics Foam wash cleanser

Next step to my routine is the Cleansing Foam Wash.
I always wash my face and do my entire routine whether I am tired or get home super late. It's non negotiable. I don't mess around with my skin. I use a combination 3 facial wash at night because I am paranoid about leaving any bits of makeup on my skin. The botanics cleansing Foam wash is great for that gentle cleanse that leave you skin feeling refreshed and glowing. If you have sensitive skin like myself, this one is a great option.

Then it's time for my favorite part: cool tools, serums and moisturizers, eyecreams and finishing sprays.

I love using my rose quartz face roller. I don't always have time to do this but I try especially during my night routine if I have an early night in which rarely happens. Once I am back in my place I will use it more.
I alternate between my serums for night and day. I love using  Botanics' All bright Radiance concentrate Serum with my vitamin C for double the brightness. I love having radiant skin especially in the morning. I do feel a good morning skincare routine sets your skin up for the best looking make up. I love how how lightweight and easily absorbable this serum is.

Let's move on to Botanics All Bright night cream.
I love the brightening effect in the night cream because I had to stop using my vitamin c serum night and day because it's a little pricey and I like to mix it up a bit with my products. I love that this night cream is super hydrating and has brightening effect.

What products are you using at the moment? Have you tried anything from the Botanics range?

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