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How I stay Productive With Google Pixelbook

New York City! The land of busy-ness. Raise your hand if you are not busy! Okay, thought so. The last couple years have been the busiest for me. First because my photography business has picked up
so much, I have this blog & YouTube channel for the past 7 years and I have a very demanding 9-5. I've worked 7 days a week for the past 2 years and I've never been more energized & in love with my life. I must admit that I wasn't always using my time wisely. Today I am sharing how I stay productive and how the Google Pixelbook has been a tremendous help in the process.
I received this lovely google Pixelbook couple weeks ago and I'm surprised by how obsessed I am with it & how much more productive I've been.

1. Write it down 

You've heard this a million times before and it's because it works. There is something about when you put things down on paper that increase the chances of you getting it done. Make sure you write down everything you have to accomplish for the week. I have a 2019 agenda that's broken down into days hours where I write down my shoot schedules/blog posts to work work on/things to shoot for my blog/Youtube and classes I'm taking and plans with friends. Yes I schedule pretty much everything in my life nowadays and I've found it to be the best at keeping me in check.

2. Stop Scrolling/Turn off Notifications

I know I am very guilty of this. I love that Instagram have a timer now where you can set a reminder to stop the mindless scrolling. I have been reducing my Instagram consumption quite a bit. I spend less than hour on the app lately. The easiest way to avoid this is putting my phone on silent, in my bag and away from my working space. I make sure to only follow only people I can learn from. Don't be afraid to unfollow people for your own sanity. The things you were into 2 years ago may have changed and that's okay.
I have all my notifications turned off except for a phone calls and texts & my finance apps. Everything else can wait. Turning off my notifications on literately all my apps has been one the best thing I've done for my sanity and productivity.

3. Declutter

I always find it every hard to work around a messy space. Cleaning the mess around you is essential for productivity. I always try to go to the prettiest coffee shops because I get so inspired where the aesthetic is my taste. I also like to keep my electronics clean. I wipe down my laptops, buy cases to protect them. My electronics always look brand new even if I've had them for years. I love working on a clean surface with clean things. I love that the Google Pixelbook is grey/white as it fits perfectly with my aesthetic.

4. Take Breaks

Taking breaks is so important. I usually take a 10mns break every hour, I'd facetime my friends, read an article or watch a quick informative YouTube a video. That's where the Google Pixelbook comes in handy. It's a laptop and a tablet in the same product. How genius! I am aware you can watch a video on your laptop but for some reason it still feels like I'm working. And having the option to fold the the Pixelbook into a tablet feels like a real break.

5. Google Pixelbook

I don't think I've been this excited about a product in a long while. As soon I turned it on and started using it, I was in. It was love at first touch. I love how light it is. I take it everywhere with me. It's doesn't feel like I am carrying work although I do a lot of work on it. I was working on some template creation over the weekend and my friend Vanessa came over and I flipped it into a tablet and we watched a couple episodes of the Marvelous Mrs Maisel. Who else is obsessed with this show. I still cannot get passed the first couple episodes because I keep getting my friends to watch it and always have to start over & only been able to watch 2 episodes every time lol.
I think with the functionality of the Pixelbook I will able to watch it some more. One thing I have to mention is how much I love the volume, It's pretty loud which is great for watching videos/movies. I've had to buy a speaker in the past because my laptop is so low.
If you are a designer/artist, the pixelbook pen comes in handy for that. I have yet to use the pen but will soon. As I am also a designer. I used to design and made luxury basic pieces sold online.
It has the google assistant built in which is a lifesaver because I always have so many questions when I work.
The 10hour battery life is superb and reliable because if I forget my chargers I know I will be okay when I do.
I love the apps feature. Pretty much everything I do is on google. Blog is still on google, Youtube, google drive to store all my photos and email clients their photos, google docs for all my templates and recipes.
I've working on writing a cook book and I love the recipe template from Google docs. I've been running around thinking how am I going to keep everything in one place for the cookbook because I know it will be some time before it's released. I am so happy I can store all my recipes in one places and also use the premade templates which are amazing. Since I carry my Pixelbook pretty much everywhere, I can easily write down any recipe that comes to mind at any moment.
How do you stay productive? I'd love to hear your tips.

If you want to know more about the specs and more on the Google Pixelbook, learn more here

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose

The pixel notebook was gifted and all opinions are my own.




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