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Summer 19, You're My Favorite

Oh Summer 2019! You've been my favorite yet. This year in general has really been the year of fun for me. Every year I set intentions,
and for this year I really wanted to have fun because I spent the last couple ones working on one of my passions. I had all the fun, moved into an apartment in the East Village and wondering why I didn't do it sooner. Location really makes such a big difference on well being. I remember when I lived in Brooklyn &  the Bronx I missed out on a lot things that came last minute or me forgetting to prepare ahead because of the commute. Now I live 10mns ride away from work on the UES & life has never been sweeter. I knew my long(1h15mns each way) commute made me unhappy, but never realized how bad it was for my well being. Not only can I sleep later during the week, I can be do last minute shoot after work since I can easily go home to get my camera.

Over the last couple of years I haven't really spend time with my bae Msnerdychica like we used to. Living in the Bronx was such a hassle to get anywhere. Once I get home you better believe I am not going back out. But now being right here, it's been amazing seeing her almost everyday now just like the old days.
I also got a chance to meet my youtube friend Helena(see picture below). We hit it off right away like we were friends for ages. We've been internet friends for awhile and it was so nice to finally connect with her.

I attended so many events this summer and discovered the best chill out spot which I am not sure I should mention here since it's getting incredibly crowded these days. It's the RH rooftop in meatpacking. I hung out there literary every weekend and at least couple days a week. It's the perfect spot to catch the sunset after work and grab a glass of rose. The decor is so luxe with the 
beautiful chandeliers and their salads are pretty delicious.

I also got to watch my first tennis game(Thanks to Monroe) at the US open Nadal vs Marin Čilić. 

With Helena 

I rediscovered my love for wearing dresses, thanks to waist trainers(wrote a post about it, check here). I had a style epiphany! I was trying to be one of those cool girls from Instagram and felt stuck and unhappy about my content & my outfits. I finally decided to embrace my style which is classic chic and more work appropriate than trendy. I've been very happy with my outfits and content lately.

I've adopted more a laissez-faire attitude towards most things. I am just focused on me, getting better everyday and pay no mind to other people.
I embraced my femininity. I wasn't always a girlie girl, I grew up in a house full of boys. I have two brothers and was a tom boy back then. Always tried to be better at everything boys do. Now I realize I don't need to be or act like a boy and that my femininity is my power. 

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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