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Dadou Shops : What Did I Buy

Hello guys, I want to introduce a new little section or segment on my blog call Dadou Shops. If you guys have a better name, do leave it in the comments. I know by the time I get the items and shoot them, sometimes they're already sold out. If you guys want to shop
with me in real life, I think this
segment would be helpful. I know some you on here are not on Instagram. I don't want you to miss out. I started this year as no buy January and looks like I'll try in February. I am ready for summer and also will be taking a couple trips in warmer climates, thought it's good to get a head start as opposed to before I used to always wait last minute and never really liked the options and end up ruining my mood a little when I am there and unable to get the look I want.

I know some of you are probably thinking, but when you travel it's not about what you look like. To me looking good or your best is not only a form of good manners, it doesn't make sense to me to pay so much money to travel to a beautiful place and look as tough I headed to throw the trash out. I see it all the time when I travel and I don't understand it. I want to look back at my trips and be happy that I looked cute in front of a beautiful monument or beach. 
We got off topic a little here, but to recap I want to shop with you guys in real time and thought this is a good way to do so.

Monroe from fashionsteele and her influence is something else. She let in the not so little secret of Jacquemus's PF2020 pre-order via Moda Operandi and I could not be happier with this lovely green Bahia dress that I ordered. As soon as I saw the collection it was an oatmeal dream. I want to wear everything but my boobs are my biggest fashion haters. I cannot wear all the lovely pieces I dream of wearing. But I can get away with the BAHIA DRAPED CREPE MINI SHIRT DRESS with a safety pin. I got it in green and trying to convince myself I also need it in white. I got a size 4 or F36.


And other stories' Belted Linen Kaftan was a dream in yellow in Miami and I had to also order it in the beige. My next trip cannot come fast enough. All the pins I have saved on my pinterest for this dress.

Shoes : I went back and forth between these two colors and I could not pick one. I love a good pair of espadrilles. They are so chic paired with flowy summer dresses.

This dress got mixed results when I did a poll on Instagram. Well we can clearly see most people did not want me to get it, but when I tried it on yesterday on my stories everyone loved it. Sometimes some people cannot see the vision or the model doesn't do the piece of garment justice which is the case with needsuply. Oftentimes I wonder if they even want to sell those pieces. When I got this dress, all I was thinking was a zimmerman moment for way less. It's a beautiful dress I envision wearing as a guest at a beautiful destination summer wedding with my cult Gaia ark bag. I will keep that bag until I'm probably in heaven.

I have been looking for the perfect evening bag. I already have this bag in black, but since I hardly ever carry black bags and prefer neutrals bags anyways. I wanted the same one in white pearl and it literally took a year to find this one. I could not be any happier. I know amazon has good options but this one is my personal favorite. 

Hope you guys enjoy this segment. It won't be every week since I am trying to reduce my consumption but there will be one at least once a month or two.

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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