By Rose



Let's Sparkle In 2020

I know the holidays are behind us but when I saw these photos I took back in December it reminded that 2020 should be about shining bright and putting ourselves out there. Over
the last few years, I've put a lot of focus on my photography working with a lot content creators which I am beyond grateful to be able to have another source of income from something I accidentally fell into all due to starting this blog 9 years ago. I had less time for my blog and YouTube because I spend most of my weekends shooting others which left me no time to shoot my stuff(not blaming anyone by the way) & also I kinda fell out of love with content creation for myself for awhile due to daily life like moving back home for 6months with all my stuff in storage and living on one clothes rack & commuting to the city was tiring AF. 
Also living in the Bronx with psycho landlord for close to 3 years wasn't inspiring at all(was a little stressed & the energy in that house felt off) & I was dedicating my time to my clothing line Dadoustudios which I am working on re-branding to relaunch later this year. 

But something clicked in me when I was in Paris last September for Fashion week. I made the decision to stop being lazy and go hard for what I love doing. I got that spark again, I felt alive & renewed  similar to the old days when I had so much passion for content creation and used to beg strangers to take my photos, set up my tripods and doing the most with my terrible outfits, lol. I had an Epiphany, realized that I'd never fully go all in for my blog who's my baby with creating content and treating it and YouTube like a job. I guess you could say inconsistency could have been my last name. It was always start the year with a bang and by March disappear or start the year flat and end it with a bang. 
I don't know why I used to loathe pre planning/shooting my outfits so much. It had to be in the moment for me or I won't do it and that's not ideal unless you have a partner/photographer attached to your hips at all time when you're wearing said outfits. I allowed that stupid mindset to hold me back for far too long. I got sick and tired of myself. Now days I plan and preshoot most of my looks, it's the best because when I am ready to wear the outfit it's a lot easier because I've already put it together. If you don't plan, you plan to fail. You have to plan! It's vitally important especially when you are trying to achieve your goals. Planning saves you so much time and decision fatigue.
I had so much content that I shot since April that had yet to make it to the my Youtube channel and I can happy report that I am almost caught up which why I've stopped filming until I'm there. Giving myself by January by 31st to get there. I am confident I'll be there by next week.  If you are not already subscribe to my Youtube channel, please do so when you get a chance & catch up on my vlogs. Thank you!

When I put this sequin dress on, all I could think of it's my time to shine!So I am asking you in the words of Fenty to shine bright like a diamond and not hold back on your talents and aspirations. It's a new decade, don't be afraid to sparkle a little brighter! 

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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