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Dadou Shops : What I bought This Week

Happy Friday! I am back with a new Dadou shops : What I bought this week. I am still not completely happy with the name but I guess I'll figure I out as we go along. I had no intentions on buying anything
this week but my love for fashion and prepping for Summer/holidays have gotten the best of me. This is unlike me as a last minute in everything I do. I am fed up with myself and always not having what I want when I want it. This year I am becoming a planner and walking towards what I am expecting instead of waiting on the sidelines to get picked up. 
The days would come where I need to go away and I'd have nothing prepared. Not anymore. Like they say ' If you don't plan, you plan to fail" Could not have been truer.

These items I got them as soon as I thought of the content and the need I have for them.

Hats" You guys already know I am a mad hatter and it's a little challenging finding good vintage ones like the ones the elegant Audrey used to wear. I snagged this one from amazon this week and I quite like it but I am still on the lookout for some better options at a reasonable price.

White heeled sandals. When summer rolls around, nothing is chicer to pair with all summer dresses than a white pair of heels. These from Marc Fisher & are the perfect height to walk around NYC all day.

Creme de la creme: Cream trousers are what my dreams are made of. I know I've been wearing more dresses and skirts but there's always a need for a nice pair of structured trousers to pair with all my blouses. These can be dressed up or down.

The Work special: I can always count on oak and fort for the classic pieces I need in my wardrobe. I have been obsessed with pleated skirts as of late, I guess the catholic school girl in me never left after all. That black dress is everything. I try to stay away from black as much as possible but this dress was too good to pass up.

Slingbacks: Now I am so upset with myself for not getting the Chanel slingbacks when I was in Paris a few months aago as they are my favorite pair of shoes ever. It almost doesn't matter what you wear, they will go with your outfit. I refuse to pay US prices for anything designer honestly as the prices in France/Europe are so much better,worth the trip if you ask me. Until I am back in Paris, I will settle for these dupes from Marc fisher. They are so good, you would not even know. 

Maxim is here again. I know I've talked so much about these boots, but they the best purchases I made for my winter wardrobe this year. This is my fourth pair since I need a back up for my taupe ones since they go with everything I put on. I just got it yesterday and I am stoked. Size up(a full size I'd say. I'm a 6 and ordered 7 and they fit comfortably)
Tip : please spray with sole guard before wearing them so they are water resistant and help keep them clean.

White Blouse: I know I already own way too many white tops but a lot of them are button downs rather than blouses. Button downs hold their place but as someone who's working towards a more feminine wardrobe, I need more quality blouses.

Which item was your favorite?

Thank you for reading,
Xoxo, Rose




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