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How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022 : Body Edition

How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022

This is what I am doing to have a Hot Girl Summer in 2022.  Little back story, I used to hate summer(maybe still do a little) I hate sweating and having my makeup looking crazy. And also I used to find Summer dressing so hard, like what the hell do I wear when it's 100 degrees outside!

But 2020 was the year that changed Summer for me forever! I switched to wearing dresses and also having more time to do summer activities like picnics....I used to never wear dresses before, It's always been hard for me finding the right styles for my body because I am tiny with a massive bust. Most of the time I end up looking pregnant in certain dresses.

But what inspired this post is the fact that I spent most of my life dressing too mature for my age. Don't get me wrong I love classic style but I must I am so bored ๐Ÿ˜‘  I realized if not now, then when! 

This year I am switching my style somewhat and no longer into those too cutesy dresses. I still wear them sometimes but not as much anymore.

Another insecurity used to be around my belly, sometimes in my late 20s I started being bloated all the time, didn't matter if I had just woken up in the morning.  That kept me from wearing fitted dresses or anything with cutouts which I couldn't wear due to my bust but I've gotten breast reduction surgery and excited to wear clothes my size! 

Long intro but let's really get into how to have a Hot ๐Ÿฅต Girl Summer in 2022

                                           How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022            How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022

1. Get your mental health in order

Work on your confidence/self love. There are tons of meditation/affirmations for free on youtube you can do to help rid of traumas and help self love journey. Or get therapy. Confidence is the first step, if you don't have that everything else is a front. 

Flat stomach - Ginger shot with L-gluthamine powder 

I finally found a solution for my bloating and I cannot tell you how happy I am. Now I can have belly out and wear fitted dresses without worrying about looking 5 months pregnant. Make your own ginger shots and add powder and drink every morning on an empty stomach. Thank me later 

I need to get back into pilates ASAP.

How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022

How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022

Shapewear- Skims

I cannot recommend them enough. If you don't have time to have ginger shots every morning on a an empty stomach, then shapewear is your best friend. If you are like me, no bum, the skims are the best on the market. I tested a few brands and nothing compare to the Skims. Instant butt lift and what waist? Snached is the word

How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022

5. Glow on the outside 

I love pairing my lotion with a body oil and won't have it any other way. 

But for date nights and going to events, I use Sol de Janeiro glow oil. I love it because it does not transfer on clothes and I wear a lot of whites.

How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022
How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022
How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022
How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022

Bright Eyes - Lumify drops

If your eyes get red like me especially when I have alcohol and you hate the way they look, get the lumify. I only use it when needed. You can try drinking a lot of water too but I love my Lumify when I go out.


Is it overdone? Yes, but nothing compares to Baccarat Rouge! Still my most complimented scent ever. Not only that it's an aphrodisiac to men.  They literally sniff me and cannot get enough of me when I wear it. Never not get a compliment when I wear it. 

(I hear a lot of other perfumes work for the floral girlies, but I must note that I have a weird body chemistry and Baccarat Rouge 540 is probably that one perfume that last on me forever and I can smell it even after washing my clothes)

How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022

Body Spray

My favorite Body Spray is Sol de Janeiro Mini Brazilian Crush Cheirosa '68 Beija Flor Hair & Body Fragrance Mist. It's the first thing I spray on my body when I get out of the shower. It meshes so well with any perfume I wear on top.  It's so sexy and love wearing to bed when I stay over at my his.

How to Have a Hot Girl Summer 2022

Good Hygiene & Exfoliating -

I love using good bar soap sometimes but my everyday & favorite is Rituals of ayurveda. I love the scrubs as well. If you want soft skin, you have to make sure to exfoliate. I use exfoliating gloves ๐Ÿงค during my night showers everyday. 




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